The geology guessing game!

Presented by Dr Tas Walker of Creation Ministries International.

Produced by the National Education Coalition. Recorded at the

National Christian Apologetics & Worldview Conference

November 7th – 9th 2013, Gold Coast, Qld Australia


2 thoughts on “The geology guessing game!

  1. She is an evangelical Christian and “she admits the possibility of the dino bones not being that old, ‘BUT’ she defers to what she calls ‘science’…” Is her stance because of pride in her learning? Is her stance fear of attack by the educated elite? “She defers” seems to say that she knows there are people out there who are smarter than she is, and they must KNOW the truth that is beyond her brain power. Isn’t science based upon experimentally proven data that can be recognized by reasonably sharp minds? Or, is science like a “religious” society that defers to the initiated, the true-believers who have paid their dues and risen to the heights where their pronouncements are simply bowed to and never questioned? The whole scheme looks naked to me, but that is apparently my simple-mindedness, my childish vision. I am tempted at times to think that I am more ignorant than an earthworm. I am told that what seems obvious to me is just blatantly wrong, and I am a hindering factor in the victorious march of the large and flourishing, Christ-centered, churches. A literal Genesis is undoubtedly not the right perspective, and, besides, the vast majority of the time Genesis is not going to enter into the discussion. I shouldn’t be bothered by it. Ah, that must be where this evangelical Christian scientist is coming from. I’m bad.


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