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The Promises of God Are Streams That Never Run Dry

by Virginia Brandt Berg


Renowned evangelist, revivalist, and author Virginia Brandt Berg (1886-1968) is best known as one of the early radio evangelists through her radio program Meditation Moments, which ran for 15 years starting in the early 1930s, and resumed in the late 1950s.

Table of Contents

  1. God Is Still on the Throne
  2. When Is It Wrong to Pray?
  3. Expectancy
  4. Receptivity
  5. Acceptance
  6. Appropriating Faith
  7. Definiteness
  8. Action
  9. The Stand of Faith
  10. Eight Practical Suggestions
  11. Ventures of Faith
  12. Gift or Giver?

Chapter I: God Is Still on the Throne

How sweet the memory—as a child when disappointments came
My mother’s faith and courage sweet, that put my own to shame.
For in the time of trouble deep my faith would weaken sore,
While hers just seemed to thrive on trials and only grow the more.
And then it was I’d hear her say as my doubts took to wings,
“Why—God is still upon the throne and prayer changes things.”

But, after years, I wandered from the shrine at mother’s knee:
For seeming wise and learned men had clearly shown to me
That such a simple, childlike faith was now quite obsolete,
Belonging just to ages past, today—for fools ‘twas meet.
“All this,” they said, “is only myth and from gross ignorance 
That God is still upon the throne, and prayer changes things.”

Their way seemed well in weather fair but Oh! when troubles came
It didn’t meet the need at all—’twas such a futile game.
“Now just hold on,” the scoffer said, “there’s nothing else to 
But that was just the trouble when there was naught to hold on to.
For I had lost the simple faith that such assurance brings,
That God is still upon the throne, and prayer changes things.

So I turned back with eager heart to the old-fashioned way:
And now I know that God is real, no matter what they say.
For better proof could not be had than truly answered prayer,
And answered too in such a way as to know—God is there.
And where is greater happiness than the peace that this truth 
That God is still upon the throne, and prayer changes things.