The Bible is still relevant in this age of Science!

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I presented this message at a small church in Adelaide in 2013. It has just now been posted on the web, and the message is still relevant as ever. In fact, for believers this message daily becomes more relevant as the foundations of the Christian faith are being ‘white-anted’ (eroded) from beneath through the pagan teachings of the big bang origin of the Universe and evolution. That non-biblical worldview has slowly (over the past 150 years) been accepted into the church as true science. The message is ‘the authority of man’s science above the authority of God’s Words.‘ Believers beware of this poison! It is destroying faith and causing many to doubt. But a true understanding of God’s Words and how science fits into the Bible helps us understand the world around us and even answers questions like, if God is a good, merciful and compassionate God, then why is there death and suffering in the world?

Synopsis: There was a time in western society when the culture was based in Judeo-Christian ethics. The law of the land had been developed from the Old Testament law. And also the general population had ideas and concepts of the Old Testament; they knew of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. They once understood about sin and rebellion against God’s rules. But over time this changed; first, in England, with the introduction of the ideas of long geological ages—the Earth being billions of years old and then added to that, Darwin’s theory of evolution. We are being taught that we came from nothing when the Universe started in some sort of Big Bang—energy appearing from nothing and then matter formed into planets and stars. We are told that we evolved according to the theory of evolution, over long periods of time and random chance processes, via mutation and natural selection.

No wonder the non-Christian worldview is so bleak—describing man as nothing but “a bit of slime on the planet.” Instead we must understand that all Christian doctrines have their foundations in Genesis and with the recent emergence of an age of Science people have re-interpreted those first chapters to fit them in with modern science. Sadly the Bible has been modified and not science. Actually it is not science but scientism (a religious belief that science can answer all questions). So the message here is about the authority of God’s Word—that we don’t need to change the Bible to fit science. Evolution is the problem for the decay of our nations; a straightforward understanding of Genesis is the Solution.


A special thanks to Stefan Kruszewski who laboriously re-edited the original recording and posted it on YouTube.

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  1. I just finished “The Bible is still relevant in this age of Science.” I thought it was excellent. The video is very elucidatory and answers so many questions. Thank you for using your gifts in the good fight.


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