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Jesus is personally named in the Old Testament

book-chronicles-one-books-bible-38716516The following is a list of verses from 1 Chronicles 24:6-19, where the names of the priests were chosen by lot apportioning their division of service. What is both interesting and surprising are the meanings of their Hebrew names. In them is found the story of Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) meaning “he will save”. Jesus is sent and the Holy Spirit anoints Him to be the one who will reconnect man back into fellowship with God.

In the list the verse number is listed first (the letter ‘a’ or ‘b’ … refers to the first part of the verse, or the second part etc). The text of the verse, with the English form of the name in bold, is then followed by the Hebrew name and the Romanised form of that name, which is followed by the meaning of the Hebrew name. Most of the meanings of the names seem to be relevant to the story of redemption through Christ.

Verse 6a And Shemaiah שְׁמַעיָהּ Shma`yah  Jah has heard

יָהּ Jah is God’s personal name. He has heard our cries and will answer our prayers (Psalm 34:17).

Verse 6b the son of Nethaneel נְתַנאֵל Nthane’l — given of God

Shemaiah is the son ‘given of God’ because ‘Jah has heard’. God gave his only begotten Son, because God has heard our prayers (Genesis 22:2; John 3:16).

the scribe, one of the Levites, wrote them before the king, and the princes,

Verse 6c and Zadok the priest, צָּדוֹק Tsadowq — just (in a moral sense)

God is just (2 Thessalonians 1:6).