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Rise of the police state in the UK

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00:39 – The Government Knew The Vaccine Risk For Vulnerable People?

Stats show the elimination of any excess deaths in hospitals and care homes due to COVID after the initial spike in April 2020, but a new rise later in December after the experimental injections began. In the home setting there was never an elimination of excess deaths through the whole year of 2020. It is suggested that this is due to the lockdowns where people were not treated for other diseases and where many suffered from the inhumane confinement.
ONS Excess Mortality Statistics: –
JCVI Report: –

07:33 – Regional Command Headquarters Vaccine Hesitancy Combat 

Army intelligence is involved with the ‘vaccine’ roll-out and attempts to overcome vaccine hesitancy.
RC Website: – 
Lt Col Ash Ashbridge SSAFA Tweet: –
Isaac Spring Profile: –

21:36 – No Jab No Job?
B&F Article: –
Telegraph Article: –
P&M Article: – 

24:11 – Visiting Pods

Very disturbing idea. Reminds me of the prison system where you use a telephone to talk to the prisoner through a glass screen.

28:20 – German Evidence of Vaccine Related Problems
FA Article 001:
GMX Timeline: – 
Global Research Article:
UK Column GAVI Search: –
RTV Article: –
DN Article 001: –
DN Article 002: –
Le Vif Article: –
Brussels Times Article: –
BI Article: –
Resident Article: –

37:05 – NHS Privatisation By The Backdoor
A&K Blog Post: –
AT Medics Limited: –
Centene Website: –
NY Times Article: –

40:37 – German Court Challenge To COVID Lockdowns
Corman Drosten Review Report: –
Newsletter 355: –
Weimar Ruling: –
SCA Resources: –
SCA Video Channel: –
Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger LinkedIn Profile: –

48:09 – No Smoke Without Fire And The RiO Gulag: –

48:39 – GP Remuneration Isn’t Always What It Seems

50:24: – Russian Stepping Up Strategic Capability As Problems In ME Escalate
ME Monitor Article: –

1:01:09 – Lord Sumption Warning  
Telegraph Opinion Piece: –

1:08:01 – David Laity – Operation Meadow Reveals Police Whitewash To Protect The Banks Interests

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