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The following was emailed to me. It is self explanatory and highlights the dangers of blindly accepting any study relying on statistics. Correlation is not causation. In this case it would seem that they deliberately ignored the elephant in the living room.

Surgical mask. According to wikipedia these are meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. How far from the truth can you be?

I’m scouring through banks of research and data that you will never see on the news. 

But you should know, there are lots of smart people out there committed to scientific integrity and exploration, despite public health leaders, government, big tech and media doing their best to mute anything beyond a tightly controlled narrative that serves a targeted purpose: vaccines.

One of the touchiest of subjects as a result of the pandemic response has been mask mandates.

You either praise them or loathe them, it seems there is no middle ground on the issue.

Health departments around the country have created billboards, advertisements, slogans etc. promoting the profound benefits of slowing the spread with mask (or double mask) wearing.

I found something that raised an eyebrow, to put it lightly.

One CDC study, released in February apparently proved the effectiveness of far reaching mass mask mandates.

The study period was from the onset of the pandemic in March and concluded in October of 2020. The results were not released until February.

The data they interpreted showed a major benefit to masks in reducing the spread of the virus. [JGH: 2.4% to 5% decrease in hospitalisation]

So, the news media, city, state, and federal leaders touted it as validating their stringent mandates and proving them correct in reducing the spread. Even celebrities and “influencers” jumped on the bandwagon to share their support.

There is just one GLARING problem. It’s what happened AFTER the study period conveniently concluded…

Here’s a quick graph to break it down for you:

It’s not a surprise, we all know what happened. We also know that the “spin machine” has been working overtime for months on end.

Bottom line, as desperately as leaders and policy makers want to appear as capable and confident decision makers, utilizing the expertise of top health officials. Sadly, it’s only resulted in the greatest duping in US history.

The blinders are coming off… rapidly. To your health,


The following plots are related to this question of mask use. They show an anti-correlation with mask mandates. After taking off the masks the COVID cases and hospitalisations decreased. But here is the same danger of applying causation. The best conclusion is that mask mandates are irrelevant. They probably cause more harm in other areas and other diseases by reducing the wearer’s immune system.

US states where mask mandates were ceased did better that where maintained
North Dakota and Iowa ended their mask mandates and hospitalisations decreased. Minnesota maintained their mandate and hospitalisations increased.
Minnesota started their mask mandate in the middle of 2020. Cases skyrocketed after that time.

The Science of Face Masks

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