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COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. Really?

During the period of 2009 to 2019 inclusive in Australia the average death rate from all causes is about 6.5 per thousand. In 2020 it was 6.3 per thousand which is no different to the preceding 10 years.

Then looking at the influenza and pneumonia deaths over the same time period we see that 2020 was highly anomalous but certainly not a pandemic.

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The Real Pandemic

COVID Politics vaccines

Video: The Constitutional Invalidity of Vaccination Mandates and the Lawful Right to Protest

Lecture presented by professor Augusto Zimmermann, WALTA President and renowned expert in Australian Constitutional Law. Prof. Zimmermann outlines the truth found in the Australian Constitution for us as citizens to resist the unlawful imposition of any vaccine mandate. This lecture was given at All Nations Presbyterian Church, Beaufort Street, Perth on August 14th 2021. Convenor: Dr John G Hartnett

Professor Augusto Zimmermann

This lecture was sponsored by Bible Science Forum and Reignite Democracy Australia
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Watch it here from if you can’t see the YouTube version.