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Hollywood Elites Murder Kids for Adrenochrome

The People’s Voice show exposes the truth about the practice of the film and TV elites drinking the blood of terrified and murdered children. This was openly discussed on French TV. Jim Cavieizel, who starred as Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ”, spills the beans on this practice in Hollywood.

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It goes without saying that this practice is satanic and those who do such things will spend eternity in the lake of fire,

Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

Mark 9:44 KJV

This is one obvious reason for the Lord God to create such a place. Those demonically possessed and inspired people have no souls. There is only one judgement for them. See also Mark 9:46,48; Isaiah 66:24; Isaiah 33:14; Matthew 3:12; Mathew 25:41,46.

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

One reply on “Hollywood Elites Murder Kids for Adrenochrome”

This is why they do Satanic ceremonies at the Grammy’s. Notice how everyone was wearing RED? They advertise what they are.


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