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Is this the way out of tyranny to regain our freedom?

Patrick King resisted the tyranny in Alberta Canada and was fined $1200 for not following COVID restrictions by their Chief Health Officer (CHO). He challenged the fine in court and requested as part of his defense the documentation showing that the state had a sample of COVID-19 isolate, that is the isolated SARS-CoV-2 virus upon which all the ‘health orders’ were based, because it was established by the WHO as a pandemic.

The judge allowed him to subpoena the CHO and eventually he was told that the state did not have such material. But before that the whole legal machinery of the Canadian government was brought against him.

The end result may not yet be achieved but the state of Alberta dropped the masks mandate. It looks like this brave freedom fighter may have shown us the legal way out of this tyranny.

Watch his interview with Stew Peters!

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