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Victoria Australia is now under total communist control and the mark of the beast is rapidly being implemented

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti shares and urgent personal message to all followers, fans and partners, especially those in #America #USA

Victoria descends into a despot dictatorship. The Labor party has always been a communist party. Their literature in the 1970s always had the hammer and sickle symbol on it. Unfortunately the so-called conservative Liberal party is just as bad as the communists (Labor) or the Greens.

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Australian Tyrants Promise to Flood the Country with Virus-Carrying Vaccinated People!

Australia’s Queensland Chief Health Officer (or chief witch) declares that the fully vaccinated are those who will carry the virus into Queensland. And the government is deliberately allowing them to come into the state and infect everybody else. But I thought the whole point of getting vaccinated against a disease was to stop transmission and infection. But not in this case. The so-called vaxxines do neither. Yet they make the recipients many times more likely to catch and die from the newer variants as the virus evolves which it does very quickly. Go figure.

And then there is a short clip of Victoria’s Dictator Dan declaring that the unvaccinated lepers will not be allowed to enter the society like all the vaccinated will. Well, that is good news. That means we won’t have our immune systems constantly attacked by the ‘shedding’ of spike proteins from the vaccinated.

But it is also bad news as it is opening the way for the mark of the beast and total control over our lives.