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Prof. Augusto Zimmermann: “Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19” Available Now!

This is a bit different to what I normally write about and promote. It is appropriate because of the COVID-19 plandemic and resulting tyranny imposed on us in these times. The following book was edited by my good friend Augusto Zimmermann as well he has an important chapter on the virus of governmental oppression. Based on his strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ I believe that this book is an essential read for those wishing to understand the affects on our culture and the resulting tyranny stemming from the COVID governmental overreach. Sourced from here.

Special Issue of
The Western Australian Jurist, Volume 11
Available here
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Video: The Constitutional Invalidity of Vaccination Mandates and the Lawful Right to Protest

Lecture presented by professor Augusto Zimmermann, WALTA President and renowned expert in Australian Constitutional Law. Prof. Zimmermann outlines the truth found in the Australian Constitution for us as citizens to resist the unlawful imposition of any vaccine mandate. This lecture was given at All Nations Presbyterian Church, Beaufort Street, Perth on August 14th 2021. Convenor: Dr John G Hartnett

Professor Augusto Zimmermann

This lecture was sponsored by Bible Science Forum and Reignite Democracy Australia
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I posted the video of the lecture on YouTube but they took it down. Free speech eh? I appealed and now they have reinstated it. I am amazed!!!

Watch it here from if you can’t see the YouTube version.

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Constitutionally Inoculated to Resist Coercion

Published in the Quadrant 24th July 2021 by Augusto Zimmermann

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Australian Constitution is its express limitation on governmental powers. In drafting the Constitution, the framers sought to design an instrument of government intended to distribute and limit the powers of the State. This distribution and limitation upon governmental powers was deliberately chosen because of the proper understanding that unrestrained power is always inimical to the achievement of human freedom and happiness. As such, the Constitution allocates the areas of legislative power to the Commonwealth primarily in sections 51 and 52, with these powers being variously exclusive or concurrent with the Australian States.

The Constitution was slightly amended in 1946 by a referendum in order to include section 51 (xxiiiA). This provision determines that the Parliament, inter alia, can make laws with respect to:

The provision of … pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription) benefits to students and family allowances…