My Paintings

Me in my small home studio

Born in Manjimup, Western Australia, I began painting in oils at about the age of 11. I taught myself from books my mother bought me. At 13 years old, in 1965, I won the West Australian newspaper state art competition for under 14 year-olds.

Rock pool: The painting which won me the WA newspapers state art competition for under 14 year olds. Oil on paper, 1965.

The only instructions I had was in grade 10 at high school at the age of 15. I was in the art class with about 40 girls and one other boy. I brought my oil paints to school as I was the only one interested in oils. I was probably the only one who really wanted to paint. As a result the teacher took an interest to really help me.

I continued painting up until completing my final undergraduate year at the University of Western Australia, where I studied physics. After 1974 I became involved with other commitments (became a missionary, got married and had kids, started a business, did a PhD and became a research professor etc) and never painted again until after I retired in 2016. My first new painting was in January 2017. See below.

My preferred medium is oil on canvas. I enjoy trying new ideas but I am still developing my own style. My interests include realism and semi-realism of nature, seascapes and landscapes. I also use acrylics and water miscible oils.

March 27 2020: Since we are house bound because of the COVID-19 virus I made a walk through video of my home gallery and studio for you to see.

My FaceBook page: Beautiful Paintings  #jghbeautifulpaintings

On the following pages are some of my paintings arranged according to the year they were painted. Click on the year to open the pages.