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The End Game: Treasury Market Liquidity is Critically Low

We are getting very close to the End Game now. Rafi Farber, the End Game Investor (, lays out the case. The crash of the dollar is not far off now.

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The Globalist are After Your Children — This is the New World Order and the Coming Mark of the Beast

This is all about the coming Mark of the Beast. Don’t take the mark/vaccine passport whatever you do!

Book of Revelation New World Order Politics worldview

Get Out of All Crypto: It is Worse than Fiat Dollars

I felt this was a very significant and useful episode of Mike Adams Health Ranger Report. Beware of the looming crypto catastrophe coming along with the demise of the US Dollar. This will be biblical! video link here. The discussion on crypto starts at about 6:30 and goes to 46:43.

Also read the associated article on Natural News titled CRYPTO RESET coming – Nearly the entire crypto ecosystem appears to be based on DIGITAL fiat currency counterfeiting operations tied to communist China.

Or listen to the audio only

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