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Dr. Carrie Madej: The Frankenstein Code -These are Not Vaccines

This is worth watching. Dr Madej shows us what really is in these so-called “vaxxines”. They are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word. They are toxic gene-altering experimental agents, with some very strange ingredients.

Please note: I have had a friend strongly advise me against believing something she said. She has stated that if people get the COVID-19 shot, it turns you into a trans-human and that you cannot be saved anymore. As I have written before, nothing, including no gene-altering medical agent can separate us from the love of God. Thus no COVID-19 “vaxxine” could make you lose your salvation. It might destroy your ability to think rationally, given sufficient number of booster shots, but dementia does not separate a saved believer from salvation in Christ either. Therefore beware of what she claims! However others have reported on some of the same information regarding ingredients of the “vaxxines”.

Watch this video from Stew Peters Show! Click on the link below.

Dr. Ariyana Love Reveals Hydra Parasite Used to Turn Humans into New Hybrid Species! Stew Peters TV

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COVID New World Order pandemic Science vaccines

5 Holistic Doctors Discuss What They are Doing to Protect Themselves from the Bioweapon Shots

The same five doctors who called the COVID-19 injections bio-weapons talk about what they do to protect themselves from contact with the bio-weapon shots.

COVID New World Order Politics Science vaccines

5 Doctors Agree: COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

A round table discussion between Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Larry Palevsky with three special guests Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Christiane Northrup and Dr Lee Merritt.

The discussion is about the effects on women’s health from the experimental COVID injections. This is particularly about people who have chosen NOT to receive the experimental COVID-19 jabs but have been exposed to those who have received them, and have suffered what appear to be infections coming from these fully “vaccinated” people. Their main focus is around blood issues which include menstruation difficulties, heavy bleeding, miscarriages, and reduction of breast milk, and deaths due to blood clots.