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Astroworld: Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Wicked Universe

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by Maryam Henein 01/12/2021

Part I

By 2030, we are going to be hybrids.’ – Ray Kurzweil Director of Google Engineering 

“Graphene has moved so much money, so many billions of euros that it is normal that it has been able to buy people. In this sense, it is clear to me that people have already swallowed, communicated, and lost any kind of conscience, even though they know that this is really going to provoke. What it is going to provoke, surely, is a hecatomb or an authentic genocide, which is what it intends. Somehow they have seen it as a golden opportunity for the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030.”

Was performer Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival a Luciferian sacrificial blood ritual and a successful test run? Before I explain how graphene oxide in the dangerous jabscould have very well played a significant role in this November 5 experiment, I fully realize well how insane a determination of devil worship sounds.

However, consider that pharmaceia (sorcery) has indirectly killed millions since Rockefeller medicine was instituted after the 1910 Flexner Report. US annual estimates now amount to roughly  987,000 medically-caused (iatrogenic) deaths , a rate that surpasses both heart disease and cancer as leading causes of death.

Chemistry COVID pandemic Politics Science vaccines

Dr Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna on Graphene Oxide in the Death Shots

Last November Stew Peters spoke with Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, a professor of chemical sciences at Spain’s University of Almeira. Doctor Campra is affiliated with La Quinta Columna, or “The Fifth Column,” a group of dissident researchers who have dedicated themselves to investigating the vaccines the government is trying to force us all to take. Doctor Campra says that through his analysis of vaccines he’s discovered graphene oxide structures within vaccine samples. But Doctor Campra isn’t the only member of the Fifth Column. Another member is Dr. Ricardo Delgado.

Watch this report (click link) of the Spanish researcher Dr Ricardo Delgado interviewed by Stew Peters on his discoveries of graphene oxide in the death shots. He speaks of the self assembly of graphene oxide circuits in the body which are antennas for microwave radiation like 5G telephony signals.

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Dr. Carrie Madej: The Frankenstein Code -These are Not Vaccines

This is worth watching. Dr Madej shows us what really is in these so-called “vaxxines”. They are not vaccines in the traditional sense of the word. They are toxic gene-altering experimental agents, with some very strange ingredients.

Please note: I have had a friend strongly advise me against believing something she said. She has stated that if people get the COVID-19 shot, it turns you into a trans-human and that you cannot be saved anymore. As I have written before, nothing, including no gene-altering medical agent can separate us from the love of God. Thus no COVID-19 “vaxxine” could make you lose your salvation. It might destroy your ability to think rationally, given sufficient number of booster shots, but dementia does not separate a saved believer from salvation in Christ either. Therefore beware of what she claims! However others have reported on some of the same information regarding ingredients of the “vaxxines”.

Watch this video from Stew Peters Show! Click on the link below.

Dr. Ariyana Love Reveals Hydra Parasite Used to Turn Humans into New Hybrid Species! Stew Peters TV

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Chemistry COVID pandemic Science vaccines

Patent: Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier

Some Chinese inventors applied for a patent on a coronavirus vaccine with graphene oxide as carrier on 09/27/2020. It is still pending. Nevertheless the application adds weight to the notion that graphene oxide is in some of these COVID vaxxines.

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Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston exposes what actually is in the experimental COVID injections

Stew Peters interviews Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst who confirms that the ingredients in the COVID inoculation ARE POISON, and discusses who’s involved, how it was premeditated and how the plan will continue. And yes, she confirms graphene oxide is in there.

Karen Kingston on the Stew Peters Show

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Graphene oxide found in COVID injections

Micrograph of what is alleged to be graphene-oxide nanoparticles in a COVID vaccine. If this proves to be true, it is a real danger to human life because the substance is highly toxic according to Dr Jane Ruby. Hear her comments on the Stew Peters show.

Dr Jane Ruby discusses the issue on the Stew Peters show, available on

This is major breaking news! The toxic injections are more toxic than we even thought. How is that possible?