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Freemasonry is the virus

Tomorrow is meant to be a nationwide protest in Australia and New Zealand in alignment with a truckie blockade in the eastern states. Have a watch and see why. This is produced by Karen Brewer.

There will not be another day to stand.

You either stand tomorrow or you will condemn all future generations to a live a life on their knees.

When my time comes, I will face the creator knowing I did all I could.

May you all find the courage to stand on your feet tomorrow – Tuesday 31st August beginning 9am.

Strength and love to you all and may your conscience be your guide.

Karen Brewer
Chris Mazzie

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COVID New World Order Politics satan vaccines

Who is in control of Australia? Karen Brewer exposes Freemason DeMolay

This interview is really worth listening to. It is 1 hour 25 minutes long with a Q&A at the end which is also worth listening to. In a few places the audio was momentarily a bit muffled but those were minor.

Karen Brewer exposes the Freemason DeMolay secret society in Australia and New Zealand. This involves their plan to kill off the elderly and the men and take over the world in this current COVID scamdemic. She discusses the Freemason training program for their own in select DeMolay schools and the selection of the next generation to take roles in the state and federal parliaments, top police and the judiciary.