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Speak Up for Freedom!

Today I attended a small rally to protest mandatory COVID vaxxines for medical staff at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth. That is me below. About 30 protesters were there. Where was everybody else? Freedom is lost of we don’t fight to keep it.

The end of the world as we know it is near. Once the globalists have implemented universal digital IDs implanted in your body you will have only one choice if you want to eat. Choose Jesus Christ the Creator of the universe, who only can save your soul, or choose Lucifer, the prince of darkness, whose plan is to kill most of humanity and send them directly to Hell. That is what is coming soon.

COVID pandemic Politics Science vaccines


You may have been deceived into believing that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was extremely dangerous; more dangerous than the seasonal flu. But that is just not so. In a normal flu season more than a thousand aged and frail people die each year in Australia, but no lockdowns, mask wearing and massive PCR testing is done under a State of Emergency for any flu season. And where are all the dead bodies? If the world experienced a global pandemic in 2020 you’d expect the global population to decrease but it increased 1.05% on 2019. The population in 2019 increased on the previous year by 1.08%. When the Spanish flu hit in 1920 the global population decreased by 3%.

Now please take one hour out of your life, sit down and watch this online video: Following the Science?