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Darkest of beginnings for The Boy Scouts (Scouting for Boys)

I was a boy scout as a young boy. Well, I was horrified when I read this article from Steemit. I repost it below.

This is what we are dealing with in the leaders of government today. Listen to Senator Heffernan’s speech to the Australia parliament. So many of the ruling elite are compromised by their pedophilia. They are now far more organised that Baden-Powell ever was. They are now organised on an industrial scale.

Yet again I have been poleaxed by a slice of history I had no intention of looking into. I was intending to look through the archives to help with the concluding part of my ‘KIDS=PROFIT’ series, this one was to be on the subject of Judges in the family courts.

But as always, when typing generalised search queries, you get a lot of unrelated results. I would say 5% of the whole page has what I am looking for and the rest is just there to slow me down. I do however, maintain a peripheral gaze on the chaff around my targets. Many times, I have discovered information so interesting that it literally stops the press. Well fortunately for you and I, this is one of those discoveries and it started with this…

Screenshot-2017-12-12 Elevated Pedophiles Lord Kitchener And Lord Bad (2).png

It was the important looking names that led me to believe that there may be a few good quotes inside. At this point I had no idea who these guys were and was still looking for evidence against the courts and judges. A little historical evidence is always good to back up claims of systemic abuse so the archived study looked a promising find, and boy was it! Just not in the way I was expecting. As I read the first few passages, to gain some kind of understanding of who these guys were, I knew I had struck gold…