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The Communist Takeover of America – by G. Edward Griffin

This is a warning from G. Edward Griffin (born November 7, 1931), an American author, filmmaker, and conspiracy researcher. He is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), which exposes the Federal Reserve System as a private banking cartel designed to undermine the economy of America.

The following talk given by G. Edward Griffin was transcribed by James Japan. See below video.

The first part of the talk was given in 1969. I think any reasoning person ought to be able to see clearly just from the daily news how the communists have implemented their plans through the years. At the time of this post, G. Edward Griffin is alive and 89 years old.

Another speaker is Hollywood producer Aaron Russo who gave a famous interview about his friendship with one of the Rockefellers who confided with him the Rockefeller plan for one world government. Russo died within the year of giving that interview!

G. Edward Griffin Communist Take Over – A 1969 Lecture


(G. Edward Griffin) As early as 1928, the Communists declare that the racial differences among our people, constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in our social fabric. By constantly probing and straining at this one spot, they calculated that eventually the cloth could be torn apart, and that Americans could be divided, weakened, and perhaps even set against each other in open combat.

We mustn’t kid ourselves into thinking that the communists have placed their agitators only into the black communities. They’re working both sides of the street. They want hatred, violence and bloodshed between the races, and they don’t care how they get it or whom they use, even children if necessary. That the communist blueprint calls also for white retaliation and violence in the black communities. It’s a very important objective for the Communist Party.

So far, they’ve only been able to involve a small percentage of our Negro people in this war of national liberation, the great majority want no part of it in any form. But the one sure way to change that is to have white vigilante groups striking into the Negro sections, supposedly, to seek revenge.

Ladies and gentlemen, the plans and preparations for a communist revolution of force and violence are far advanced. The organization behind these preparations has almost unlimited financial resources, and it provides both training and leadership based upon years of experience in many other countries. Our enemies are deadly serious about their task. And it’s nothing short of national suicide, for us to continue to ignore their plans and their progress.

The strategy of the proletarian revolution calls for the quiet conversion of our government into a communist regime, but under the banner of socialism.

What is Socialism?

Well, what is socialism? Alright, let’s define it. According to the dictionary, socialism is a political concept based upon the principle of government ownership and control of property, the means of production, and the avenues of commerce. Under socialism, those who run the government — and the communists are confident that in America, they eventually will be the ones who do so — those who run the government will know who is to get something, and who has to wait, and that represents control over human beings.

What is all this to do with the communist revolution in America? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has everything to do with it, because the building of socialism is the communist revolution in America. It represents the process, whereby our country can be moved gradually toward communism, without the people even being aware of it. No matter what grievance we may have real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face, the communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism. They have one and only one solution for all problems, more government, more government, and then more and more, until its total government. And forgive me for saying it one more time. Total government is communism.

How Communists Respond When They Lose An Argument

In 1943, the following directive was issued from party headquarters to all communists in the United States. It read,

“When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them after suitable buildups as fascist or Nazi or anti-semitic, and use the prestige of anti fascist intolerance organizations to discredit them. In the public mind, constantly associate those who oppose us with those names, which already have a bad smell. The association will after enough repetition, become fact in the public mind. “

Truth is a Far Superior Weapon Than Deceit

But because they are lying, it’s possible to expose them. And this is their Achilles heel. By comparison, we have nothing to hide, therefore, we have no reason to lie. And we wouldn’t want to even if we could, truth is a far superior weapon than deceit. It’s a weapon which is denied to them. And in the end, it will be the decisive weapon that destroys them completely.

A World Government Based on Collectivism

(Hillary Clinton:) We get a lot of advice from the Council (on Foreign Relations, CFR). So this will mean I won’t have this far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.

(G. Edward Griffin:) People like Hillary Clinton, know. Even at that elevated position Hillary Clinton is say one of the big movers and shakers. Compared to the Council on Foreign Relations, she’s not. She’s a small fish. And she knows that she’s got to get the approval of the CFR.

(Aaron Russo: I had a friend, Nick Rockefeller, okay, who is one of the Rockefeller family. The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is to create a one world government. And this is given me straight from Rockefeller himself as what they want to accomplish.

(G. Edward Griffin:) Not just any world government, but a world government based on the model of collectivism. In other words, big powerful centralized world government. If it were a world government based on the principles of freedom, and freedom of choice, freedom of culture, low intervention, if no intervention in the lives of normal human beings, it might be a wonderful thing, but that’s not the kind of world government, the left and the right have in mind. They’re talking about total world government with all major decisions being made at the top and people at the bottom being peasants basically in a high tech feudalism.

Watch this: G Edward Griffin talks with Mike Adams about liberty and the upcoming Red Pill Expo

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My goodness! Henry Ford in his Book “The international Jew” from the twenties of the last century informed his readers already about the takeover of the Jews. But nobody listened as usual. (“Each American city is a Jewish recruiting center of Bolshevism.”)
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I am reminded of Nikita Khrushchev’s words. He must have known he had the fascist democRAT-Communist party in his back pocket.


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