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Exactly 233 COVID cases? Proof of international collusion in the news media

Excerpt from a Sydney Newspaper

A friend of mine sent me a message of this video and what follows is his analysis:

What are the odds? Exactly 233 COVID cases in 17 countries!!!!!

Available on my Bitchute channel.

He wrote the following:

Evidence for Covid case numbers are fake! Here’s an example of how the scam goes in the media. This video shows 17 news articles from around the world, all reporting on 233 local covid cases. The articles are all within the past couple of months. I have verified each article and it is true – they exist. Search for them yourself to see! I’m not sure what the significance of the number 233 is, perhaps it is part of a coded message? The mathematical probability of coincidence is absolutely nonsense.

What are the chances?

I have found about 65 more articles on top of that video and probably could find another 50 if I keep going from many other countries. Is this remarkable or am I over estimating a significance? What are the chances this figure ‘233’ would be coming up so many times, sometimes 2 or 3 times in the same city or state throughout the year. Sometime 233 deaths but mostly 233 new cases. What would the probability of that be?

I would say, infinitesimally small. It shows the COVID narrative is fake and well orchestated globally. It shows internal collusion amongst the legacy news media.

Below are where my friend found the news reports with 233 cases.

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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Hey Gideon,

What you can add to this is that every country including Australia says  that they have saved 30,000 lives.  Look this up for yourself. Canada, France, UK, Australia etc. I thought cant you come up with another number? Obviously they think we are all so dumb.


Local newspapers receive their national/world info from major news agencies such as AP (Associated Press), UPI (United Press International) or Reuters, so this sort of collusion has been happening for a very long time. Still, numbers like this should all appear on or around a particular day or week and not scattered over several weeks or months.


After watching the video, I now understand that the “233 cases” is being reported for numerous different specific areas. That is so statistically unlikely as to be regarded impossible by any sane person.


ha … ha
Should search “142 covid cases” or “186 covid cases” … probably with any random number you’ll get a nice list . With so many daily local reports internationally, it’s hard not to find coincidences…

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Julian, Yeah you might be right. It could be a storm in a tea cup. But to disprove that you would need to do a statistical analysis of a wide range of numbers and build a histagram of their occurrences and compare to the occurrence of 233. Do you want to spend the time to do that?


So, I did just that with 345, 156 and 283 on duckduckgo. Sure enough, dozens of hits around the world. Hundreds of thousands of communities reporting cases for 500+ days – do the math. Enough monkeys on enough typewriters for enough days…


DEICIDE = (1×4)+(2×5)+(3×10)+(4×20)+(5×10)+(6×4)+(7×5) = 233



HOLOCAUST = (1×8)+(2×70)+(3×30)+(4×70)+(5×20)+(6×1)+(7X6)+(8×300)+(9×400) = 8+140+90+280+100+6+42+2400+3600 = 6666

Kabbalistic system: A = 1, B = 2, C = 20, D = 4, E = 5, F = 80, G = 3, H = 8, I = 10, J = 10, K = 20, L = 30, M = 40, N = 50, O = 70, P = 80, Q = 100, R = 200, S = 300, T = 400, U = 6, V = 6, X = 60, Y = 10, Z = 7


I live in Pensacola, FL (USA) – I just did a search for Pensacola and sure enough there were 233 new hospitalized cases on August 4, 2021.


just today have been researching this today, and complied my results:

I searched “233 Covid Deaths” with Duckduckgo search engine on August 9, 2021 I found these news articles. The pertinent info (233 cases/deaths) is not buried in the story, but is in the headlines. I have organized them chronologically. It didn’t take long to find the following 47 headlines. Although sources include legacy media and major known publications, I believe they are just reporting the numbers they are being given.

These numbers cannot be a coincidence. This is statistically impossible.
But is there any significance to 233? I do not know.

Date Location Source Headlines (cases/deaths)
3/20/20-Italy 233 total deaths

4/11/20-Mexico 233 total deaths
4/29/20-Montgomery County, PA 233 total deaths

6/16/20-United Kingdom 233 deaths

8/28/20-Oahu, Hawaii 233 new cases

9/21/20-Arizona 233 new cases, 2 deaths

10/15/20-San Bernardino County, CA 233 new cases, 2 deaths

11/1/20-Orange County, CA 233 new cases, 1 death
11/12/20-New Hampshire 233 new cases, 3 deaths
11/24/20-Santa Barbara County, CA 233 new cases, 2 deaths

12/18/20-Amarillo Texas 233 new cases, 3 deaths

1/10/21-San Francisco, CA 233 deaths
1/12/21-Douglas County, Nebraska 233 new cases, 4 deaths
1/15/21-North Dakota 233 new cases, 8 death
1/20/21-Navajo Nation, NM 233 new cases, 2 deaths

2/9/21-Florida 233 deaths
2/22/21-Yellowstone County, MT 233 total deaths

3/3/21-Malta 233 cases, 2 deaths
3/6/21-Texas 233 deaths
3/17/21-Sarasota-Manatee Count, FL 233 new cases

4/1/21-Vermont 233 new cases
4/16/21-Jamaica 233 new cases
4/21/21-Mississippi 233 new cases, 2 new deaths

5/10/21-San Diego 233 new cases
5/11/21-Arkansas 233 new cases
5/11/21-Idaho 233 new cases

5/13/21-Saskatchewan 233 new cases
5/19/21-Iran 233 deaths
5/20/21-Trinidad & Tobago * 233 new cases, 8 deaths –
“The population is reminded to rely solely on information from official sources,
such as the Ministry of Health”

5/20/21-Iowa 233 new cases, 7 deaths
5/20/21-Delhi, India 233 new deaths
5/25/21-W. Virginia 233 new cases, 7 deaths

6/6/21-Maldives 233 new cases
6/23/21-Oregon 233 new cases, 2 new deaths

6/26/21-Massachusetts 233 new cases
6/27/21-Mizoram, India 233 new cases, 2 deaths

7/18/21-Myanmar 233 deaths
7/21/21-Dominican Republic 233 deaths

7/23/21-Maui, Hawaii 233 new cases
7/25/21-Kazakhstan 233 total deaths in 2021

7/29/21-Alberta 233 new cases
7/29/21-Vietnam 233 deaths

7/29/21-Armenia 233 new cases
7/31/21-Two Hospitals in San Fran, CA 233 new cases

8/2/21-Winnebago Cty, (Illinois) 233 new cases, 1 death
8/4/21-New S. Wales (Australia) 233 new cases, 2 new deaths
8/7/21-Croatia 233 new cases, 1 death


This is easy to dispel: it is sloppy, lazy journalism. I am an investigative journalist in the USA. They grab the report from the major wire services because they are under tremendous pressure with daily deadlines – it’s dog-eat-dog to be the first to “break” news, only they are breaking the law of reporting the TRUTH. Then, copy + paste. The 233 is the count as of that time (most likely from the CDC website). It’s an aggregate number. The average reader doesn’t have the common sense to read clearly – does it state 233 here in Whatchamacallit, AU? Now the net is buzzing with your video and article.


I’d like to expound a bit on the thirteenth Fibonacci sequence # 233 a bit more. First, this Friday the 13th is 8/13/21, which of course a Fibonacci date (8, 13, 21). And Friday the 13th is obviously a superstitious day in of itself.

233 ends with “33” which is of course the highest level a Freemason can attain


Hi There, I just looked at which day this year falls the 233rd day of the year, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s on August 21st. It’s not the first time I see synchronicity from the mainstream media. That so many different organizations around the world are parroting the same messages is really concerning. It would be wise to keep an eye out for anything that could happen on the 21st. I am hoping nothing does happen.


I agree with this analysis. 8/21/21 is the 233 day of the year and will have significant meaning to those that worship Lucifer.


This is what I said last year in a comment on “The real danger is that the frequency range of 5G technology is also used in the energy-informational warfare (or psychotronic warfare), which means that a certain emotional state or a certain type of behavior can be induced using brain frequencies. Hence, a large mass of people will find that ‘they want’ to be vaccinated for ‘no reason’, ‘magically’ overnight.” (26 May 2020)


Things are real and seem to have been triggered in the week of August 15 to 20, as the absolute weapon against humanity: 233 = deicide


We’ve just been handed the figure of 466 new cases today in the state of NSW, Australia. That’s exactly 2 x 233 and on it’s own means nothing, but I’d be interested to know whether anyone else is seeing that number.


My eyes have been opened to the Freemasons and their cult. I learned that the number 33 is for Satan. According to the real Bible in Hebrew 12:22, 1/3 of the angels rebelled and followed Lucifer. That’s the significance of the number 33 and that is why the Freemasons have the 33 degree. The number 2 is for the second round of lockdowns. There is another YouTube video that came out about a year ago, The Master Teacher is 33! Look it up.


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