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Tuesday 31st: Truck Border Blockade and Silent Protest in Australia

In 1979 truckies blockaded the roads in to protest against horrendous road taxes and won against the government of the day.

Tomorrow, August 31, 2021, the truckies in the eastern states (at least) are planning to do something similar. At the same time there has been planned another protest, this time a silent protest across Australia at Government Houses and local council offices. This time the stakes are much higher — our freedoms and the right to live in a free democratic society.

Right at this moment the Australian federal government (not North Korea) has passed a bill in the parliament, the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021, which when assented to by the Governor-General, will give the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and all those other surveillance agencies the power to remove any of your social media content, to read and delete your emails, and even to alter and send emails and messages from your accounts. Sounds a lot like a communist regime doesn’t it. Well, that is because it is. (Even this post would be deleted under that legislation.)

The following is an important message from Dr Judy Wilyman, who is a real veteran in this information war against Big Pharma, Big Gov and the corrupt medical agencies.

Hi all,

Just an update of the events for 31 August in Western Australia (WA). The Truck blockade and Silent Citizen Protest. Please see the attached poster for the silent protest that will be outside Government House in Perth (St Georges Tce) tomorrow from 9 -12 pm. If you are unable to get to the CBD for this event please choose your local council and if you have a strong community group get as many people as possible to join you at your selected council chambers.
The details are in the attached poster (above, right click to save it).

Please read and forward to your groups. Also Please share the information in my latest newsletter that discusses the domestic vaccine passports that are being discussed in parliament and a bill that will allow the AFP to hack you emails and social media posts. Here is the information:
Newsletter 282 Australian Domestic Vaccine Passports Coming – Act Now!  

Kind regards,

Update 31st August: Video of Perth protest at Parliament House

Click this link to watch. There is a very good speech by Dr Judy Wilyman given in front of Dumas House.

Hi all,
It was a great turn out today. A big turnout at Parliament House and also a lot of people at Government House. If anyone has any information about turnouts at other locations in WA that would be good to hear. Here is a link to the live stream of my talk today at Parliament House. I start at around 38 mins and I hope you will share this link with health professionals and family and friends. I have explained how this medical tyranny has arisen and the solution is to re-educate the health professionals and ensure that they follow their medical ethics guidelines so they can promote health and not sickness in their patients.
Be assured that thousands of health professionals and teachers are taking legal action to fight the vaccine mandates so please encourage everyone to join their professional telegram groups. eg, teachers, nurses, paramedics, police – so they can support each other and remain strong in fighting this crime.
Kind regards,

Vaccine Passports to Travel within Australia are being Discussed. 
Vaccine passports to travel within and outside Australia are being discussed in federal parliament now. Here is the Open Letter sent to the Prime Minster, Scott Morrison, from 1,000 church leaders standing against vaccine passports.

I will also discuss below the implications of the new Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 that passed in both houses of the Australian parliament last week (27 August 2021) that will enable the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Intelligence agents (ACIC) to hack into your emails and social media to alter your information in any way they wish. This means the government can now fully control any person who is opposing the government’s policies.

Currently we have a situation in Australia where all the borders have been closed and healthy people are being locked up for two weeks in isolation (called quarantine) if they test positive to a PCR test that does not diagnose disease. Australians are asked to pay thousands of dollars for their own isolation when they are healthy and have no clinical symptoms (imprisonment). This is a breach of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights.

Healthy people are being contacted by health officials through QR code case-tracing to insist they take a PCR test to see if they have a specific virus. This test can be manipulated to produce a positive result by changing the amplification cycle threshold (>30 CT).

So, there is no transparency in these test results in people who are not sick and who may simply have been in the same shop as someone else who was forced to take a PCR test but had no symptoms. This is because nurses and doctors have been indoctrinated with false information about asymptomatic transmission of viruses.

Did you know that it is a false assumption that if a virus is present that you will get sick or even be a risk to others in the community? This is not how viruses cause disease and this is pseudoscience being peddled by the government.

Did you know that the PCR test is not being used in a way that can accurately identify different strains of coronavirus (Delta, Lambda etc) – even if having the virus was a sign that you were at risk of getting COVID disease. Remember in developed countries that have public health infrastructure, this is a flu like illness with a 99.9% survival rate and with the majority of infections being mild or asymptomatic.

An infection without symptoms (asymptomatic) has never been considered a case of disease in history before 2020 – for any flu like illness or for any other infectious diseaseThis is industry-funded science that is being falsely represented by governments due to the suppression of scientific debate.

Currently in Australia for the first time in history the Premiers have closed all the borders, even though this is against the constitution that states that Australia is one country and citizens should always be free to travel between the states.

In addition, there has never been any demonstrated risk from COVID disease in Australia due to deaths and hospitalisations in 2020. Yet in 2021 there is an extreme risk of deaths and hospitalisations from the COVID jabs but this is not being reported in the media. This is because it is not a requirement for the health department to present the vaccination status of patients that are being hospitalised or dying. It never has been so this well-known cause of death and illness has been suppressed from the public.

And now there is a requirement that anyone entering the states of Western Australia or Queensland must have at least one COVID injection before they are permitted to enter if they come from ‘high risk’ states (eg NSW or Victoria). This applies for anyone over the age of 20.

In other words, people are literally being blocked from returning to their own homes and families in these states. This is an injection with an untested genetically engineered technology that is a very plausible cause of the recent increase in hospitalisations and deaths, yet it is not being investigated by the medical profession.

In fact, doctors, nurses, and all health professionals, (plus the public via mainstream media), are being told it is COVID disease (delta, lambda,….) without any transparent data. This claim is made from a flawed and manipulated PCR test and with false information about how viruses cause disease.

The medical profession is hiding the fact that vaccines are a cause of the same symptoms as COVID disease, that is, flu-like illness and neurological damage.  This is a huge crime without any justification for the public health emergency powers that the Australian government is utilising.

At protests, for example in Victoria, the police have turned on the people in some states and used rubber bullets and capsicum spray on adults and children. Citizens, including academics, doctors, and scientists, who question the narrative are being accused of being mentally unstable and are being given psychiatric assessments and are sometimes institutionalised for several nights.

The police have violently arrested some people and if these citizens refuse the PCR test then they have been jailed and isolated without access to a lawyer or any contact with an outside person for over two weeks.

Medical doctors who stand up for medical ethics are accused of being ‘antivaxxers’ and are de-registered. In Australia the doctors speaking up are the COVID Medical Network.

The mainstream media is controlling the narrative completely and it misrepresents the protesters to the public so that many people are not receiving information that will protect their health. That is, the knowledge of the high risk of the untested genetic technology (falsely called a ‘vaccine’) and the low risk of COVID disease.

So that many Australians are praising the government and turning against their families and friends as being selfish and putting public health at risk for informing them of these facts. When the opposite is true: money is power, and it is driving this false medical narrative.

This is the media and government dividing Australian society with derogatory labels such as ‘antivaxxer’ and ‘conspiracy theorists.’ An Australian media that is fully controlled by Murdoch’s News Corp and other corporate sponsors.

This corruption in Australia was further increased last week when the Australian government passed the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 in both houses of parliament. This bill is now only waiting for the approval of the Governor General, David Hurley, for its implementation.

This Bill grants the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Commission Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the power to modify, add, copy, or delete data on a person’s online social accounts.

This means they can log into your emails, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media and alter it in whatever way they wish.  The police and intelligence agents can send emails on your behalf, post things on your behalf and engage in criminal activity on your behalf to achieve their objective. This bill turns Australia completely into a surveillance state where healthy people can be locked up and controlled without accountability and anyone questioning the government’s narrative can be institutionalised based on false information provided by the police and security agencies.

Please sign the petition to Repeal the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021 in Australia.
Judy Wilyman PhD Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Wollongong (UOW).
PhD in: A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ (the science, politics and ethics of Australia’s vaccination policies), UOW School of Humanities and Social Inquiry.
Website: Vaccination Decisions

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.