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Closet Witches – Jack Chick’s Interview with Dr. Rebecca Brown and Elaine Tape I

The following is a must to hear (audio only). I have reposted this from my friend James Arendt.

Introduction by James Arendt

This article is a transcription from an audio tape posted on YouTube. It’s an interview by Jack Chick with Dr. Rebecca Brown, MD, and a former witch who is called only Elaine in this article, Edna Elaine Moses, who said she was a high priestess in witchcraft and one of Satan’s brides.

Jack Thomas Chick (April 13, 1924 – October 23, 2016) was an American cartoonist and publisher, best known for his Christian “Chick tracts”. More about his bio.

Rebecca Julia Brown (May 21, 1948 – June 23, 2020) was born in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA. She is a Christian author and former medical doctor best known for helping people escape the occult.

I can’t find Edna Elaine Moses’ bio, but I heard from the friend who shared Closet Witches with me she passed away some years before Rebecca Brown.

I got the words of the transcription from YouTube and added capitalization and punctuation, and corrected words that were wrong. Jack Chick says, “But I forbid anyone to change this message by editing it to distort the contents in any way.” I have edited the content and made it better! For example, I changed the word “Czech” to “Chick” and the word “track” to “tract”. As God is my witness, I have not distorted the message in any way. I want the world and especially my brothers and sisters in Christ to know about the testimony of Rebecca and Elaine. I myself didn’t know about it until just before the day I posted this article.


If you look up Dr. Rebecca Brown on the Internet, you will see there is a lot of controversy surrounding her and her message. I myself had doubts about her when I first read her book, He Came to Set the Captives Free about her story of Elaine. Two factors have expelled those doubts. One, the famous Gospel tract writer and artist, Jack Chick, supports her message. And two, this interview, unlike Rebecca Brown’s book, includes testimony directly from Elaine herself. The Bible in Deuteronomy 19:15 teaches us that we need at least two witnesses for a matter to be established, and listening to Elaine confirms everything Rebecca Brown had to say about her. I want to make it very clear that if it were not for Jack Chick’s support of Rebecca Brown’s testimony, and if it were not for Elaine’s confirmation about everything Rebecca had to say, I would not be posting this article.

The information in this article has reawakened my interest in the spiritual warfare that surrounds us. John Todd talked a lot about it. But it’s not something I hear much about in most Christian circles. Maybe it should be.

You have three options:
1. Only read the text of this transcript.
2. Only listen to the audio interview (above).
3. Do both!

Closet Witches : Part One – Jack T. Chick

Jack Chick: Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! This is Jack Chick speaking. The copyright on this tape is only to prevent people from copying it and reselling it for their own profit. But if the Lord touches your heart to reproduce it to give it away to relatives, friends, or whoever, please feel free to do so. But I forbid anyone to change this message by editing it to distort the contents in any way.

I call this tape Closet Witches Part One. And it is a very heavy tape, heavy information. And I doubt if most Christians can handle it. The only ones who will are those true believers in Christ who are concerned for the lost and the souls of men, and who will travail before the Lord for nations and those on the street and those whose hearts are really burdened for the lost. This tape is also for pastors who mean business, pastors who believe the Bible to be the Word of God and who know that Satan is alive and well on this planet earth.

Two things happened recently that I think you should be aware of. We have a young man working with us at Chick publications who is also a pastor. While attending a theological seminary here in southern California, one night those in the dorm heard noises outside. And when they looked out the window on this large driveway that extended for almost 100 yards, they could see candles lit in the darkness, and they heard chanting. What was going on was witches had arrived and were placing curses on the theological seminary! And the students were absolutely stunned!

A few weeks ago in an area quite close to Chick publications, one pastor was holding a meeting when quite a bit of noise started outside in front of the church and on the steps and sidewalk. And it turned out that there was a congregation of witches, a coven was there. They had come to his church and lit their candles and were placing curses and chants upon the pastor and his congregation as he was preaching the Gospel.

What is happening, beloved, is that witches are becoming so bold today that they are coming out of the closets. They are on the offensive. This tape is going to share with you how to confront such situations. As believers in Christ we have great authority over the powers of darkness given to us by Jesus because we are His ambassadors and joint heirs with Christ.

Before we go into this tape and into this interview I would like to go into prayer.

Gracious loving God and Father, we come before you with thanksgiving for the Word of God that shows us the power you have given us over the power of the enemy, Lord. We thank you and praise you for Calvary, Lord, and for your finished work, Lord, and for Satan’s defeat there at that point. Father we pray for the pastors and the young people and those who are listening to this tape, Lord, that you will bless them and give them courage. Bless their homes, Father. Loosen angels with flaming swords to protect them, Father. And we bind and rebuke any spells or curses that are placed against these people, Lord, as they make a stand for you, Father. Bless this tape. Open the ears and eyes of those who are lost who do not know the Lord. We pray for those witches, Lord, who are caught in the horrible bondage, Lord, that they might realize that the one they are serving actually hates them and is planning their destruction. Father, bless this tape that souls will be saved and witches set free, and that the Lord Jesus be lifted up. We pray this in His mighty and glorious Name, amen.

Years ago I had an old friend who was a missionary and had been in China. And she gave me some good advice. She said, “Jack, anytime you take one look at Satan take ten looks at the Lord Jesus Christ.” Beloved we’re going to be going into Satan’s territory in this tape, but remember, he is a loser. He is scared to death because the Lord Jesus Christ is soon going to return. Satan is going to launch all his forces in these closing hours against the believers in Jesus Christ, and we should be on our toes, beloved.

I want to give you a few of the names of Satan. One is the accuser. He accuses the saints before the throne of God. And he’s the adversary. He’s called the angel of light and a murderer. He is the father of liars. He is called the prince of devils, the prince of power the air, the god of this world. In fact, in second Corinthians 4:4, the Word of God says:

In whom the god of this world (speaking of Satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

This is why Jesus says,

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned.

Mark 16:15,16

There are two kingdoms, beloved, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the Devil. You’re in one camp or the other. And when your heart makes its last beat, that’s where the rubber meets the road. You will be with Christ or you will be with Satan in the lake of fire.

Some time ago the Lord sent two ladies to Chick publications. I’ve known them and I’ve seen the fruits of their labor. They’ve been kind enough to help me out with three tracts which will be coming out in 1986, which I think are going to win many many souls to Christ. Their names are Rebecca and Elaine. These two ladies are experts in the world of the occult. This is one of the most fascinating testimonies I have ever heard.

For 17 years Elaine was a servant of Satan, but six years ago she was gloriously saved. And during her career in Satanism she reached one of the highest positions possible in the United States. God has given us a jewel, a lady with incredible information that’s going to help people be saved to be aware of what’s going on in the world of the occult. God has blessed us with her presence. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior just two weeks before she met Rebecca.

Rebecca, I would like to ask you at this time to tell us how God prepared you just before you met Elaine, and how he prepared you for this ministry you’re now in.

Rebecca Brown: Actually Jack, the Lord put me through a really extensive training program before I ever met Elaine, and He was also preparing me for the ministry that He has subsequently called both Elaine and myself into, and that we have been working in for the Lord for the past six years.

As you know, I am a physician, an MD. I was raised in a Christian home and I was greatly privileged to be taught about the Lord at a young age, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of four. But because of the church group I belonged to, I really did not learn anything about the gifts of the Holy Spirit or about walking with the Lord in a personal relationship until I began medical school at the age of 26. It was at that time when I first made Jesus Christ my master as well as my savior, and it was at that time also that I made the discovery that it is possible to have a relationship with the Lord where He can communicate to you directly in his Spirit even as He did to people in biblical days.

The years of my medical school training the Lord used in developing a very close relationship with Him, but I did not begin to learn anything about the occult until after I had graduated from medical school and I went for further training in which I specialized in internal medicine and critical care medicine. In order to gain this special training, I had to leave my hometown where I did my medical school work, and go to a town within the same state where there was a very large teaching and training hospital. This is where I did three additional years of training, and these years were called the first year, internship, and the following two years, residency.

Now, at the time I entered this hospital, I knew nothing about witches. I didn’t even know that they existed. I thought they were something from storybooks. I knew vaguely that Satan existed because I had been intensively reading and studying the Scriptures, but I really knew nothing at all about demons. When I entered this hospital, the first thing that impressed me was the tremendous resistance to the Gospel of Jesus. Now, bear in mind please that we were living in the Midwest and what’s known as the Bible belt, and people did not really refuse to hear the Gospel in that area. It’s very different out here in California than it is in the Midwest, but for the first time in my life I ran into people who would look me square in the eye and say, “I want nothing to do with Jesus.”

Jack Chick: Rebecca, was this the first time you really faced a cult activity? Did you become aware of what was going on in that hospital?

Rebecca Brown: Well Jack, at that time I didn’t really know that the reason for the resistance to the Gospel was a cult. The Lord led me into that step by step. I was amazed, first of all, because the hospital administration had built a very large addition onto the hospital and they removed all the Gideon Bibles from the patient rooms. Every patient room normally had a Gideon Bible in it. They took all of these out. They didn’t permit a chaplaincy service, and they published a memo on every nursing unit that any employee who was caught evangelizing a patient would be fired from their job immediately. And they did just that!

Jack Chick: Rebecca was this a Roman Catholic hospital?

Rebecca Brown: No, it wasn’t, Jack. It was a community operated hospital. It was just a Protestant hospital. It had no church affiliation at all. It was a community hospital.

The next thing that really concerned me was the death rate, and a lot of what I felt were unexplainable deaths. You see, in the medical field when a patient dies there’s always a
traceable logical sequence of events that happens up until their death, or at least if they take a turn for the worse. And there were so many deaths occurring, especially in the intensive care unit, where this traceable logical sequence of steps just didn’t occur. You’d get, for instance, if someone had been bleeding heavily for some reason, and you gave them blood and fluids and whatnot, and got the bleeding stopped and they were stabilized, unless the person started bleeding again, their blood pressure shouldn’t suddenly drop. But in this case, for no apparent reason without any bleeding, you would just get a patient stabilized, go on to another patient to do something else, and then all of a sudden their blood pressure would drop, and they would die. And then the autopsy would not show any signs of bleeding and no explainable reason for their death. And this really bothered me, because, you see, I had worked as a registered nurse for 10 years before I went into medical school, so I was very experienced. I worked in a number of hospitals and I had a broad range of experience in the medical field. And I began bringing this up in our training sessions. We had meetings every day. And much to my surprise, within less than a month I was called down to the doctor’s office who was the director of our training program, and he told me to shut my mouth, that I wasn’t to say anything more about what was happening. This was concentrated a lot in the intensive care unit.

And there was another thing going on the intensive care unit that really concerned me. There is something in medicine that we call an ICU psychosis. Let me explain that to you briefly. When patients are admitted to the intensive care unit, not only are they very critically ill, but they’re usually put in a room where there aren’t any windows. The lights are on day and night, the monitors are going, and on top of the stress created by their illness, they lose their day night orientation. And there is a certain percentage, not very high, but there is a certain percentage of patients who will after several days become disoriented and begin to have hallucinations, that is, they will begin to see things that really aren’t there, and become disoriented.

Now, the thing that concerned me was in this intensive care unit, there was almost a 75 percent incidence of ICU psychosis among the patients there. And that is an absolutely unheard of rate! But the other thing that really concerned me is I took the time to talk to a lot of these patients, because in my training, I spent a great deal of time in the intensive care unit, and the content of the hallucinations, every one of these patients were telling me that they were seeing demons.

Jack Chick: Were there any other doctors that were Christians there? Did you discuss that with them or with your pastor or other Christians?

Rebecca Brown: I tried to discuss it with other doctors there in training with me who claimed to be Christians, and all I was told was that I was crazy. It was a very strange thing. Nobody would talk about what was going on at the hospital. And I learned pretty quickly that I’d better keep my mouth shut about it. So what I did was I took this thing to the Lord in prayer. And that’s why I emphasized earlier that I had a relationship with the Lord. I had been intensively trained by the Lord to hear Him communicate with me via the Holy Spirit. Because there’s a lot of situations, you always have to be guided by the Bible and the principles set out in the Bible, but there’s a lot of situations that come up in your everyday life that you can’t find a Scripture directly for except for guiding principles, and that’s where you really have to be able to hear the Lord speak to you in order to get His guidance in this sort of thing.

The Lord had commanded me shortly after I arrived at that hospital to go in and spend an hour every morning, seven days a week, in intercessory prayer for that hospital. And I had been doing that. So I began intensively praying and asking the Lord to reveal to me just what was going on. And here are the steps that He took me through.

One of the first things that happened, I was working in the emergency room one night when about 2 AM in the morning, a young man was brought in by the police that had been discovered by the police. And he was incredibly battered. He had been obviously tortured to an extent that I had never witnessed. And I have had a great deal of emergency room experience, both as a nurse and working in a large inner city hospital. This young man had been partially skinned, he had been unmercifully beaten, he had been burned. Of course he was unconscious at that time and in deep shock. And I was just horrified. The police had no explanation at all for what happened to him. He was admitted to the intensive care unit. He was in the intensive care unit for over a month. And then after he came out of the intensive care unit I just felt driven by the Lord to go and talk to that young man because he was in the hospital for about four months altogether. He was in his 30s. And finally he opened up and he talked to me and told me that he was a Christian minister, and that he had gotten involved in working with some people in that area who directly worshipped Satan, who were witches, in other words. And using the term “witch”, I’m referring to both males and females. He told me that he had been kidnapped by the group. By that time, I already knew that he had been kidnapped from talking to the policemen involved in the case. And this young man told me that he had been kidnapped by these people who worship Satan, taken to one of their meetings, taken up on the stage, and mercilessly tortured. Somehow or other it was just the Lord’s direct intervention he became unconscious, and they were interrupted, and they left him for dead. And the policemen found him and picked him up and brought him into the emergency room.

Now this gave me a very great deal to think about because there were two things that really concerned me. First of all, I had never heard of such a thing as people directly worshipping Satan, and I did not know that this existed. I had been raised in such a sheltered environment all my life. And secondly, the question that immediately went through my head was, “why didn’t God protect him?” You see, especially in the Midwest where I lived, I had always been taught that the Christian is completely protected, that Satan could never touch a Christian, but that really isn’t according to Scripture. There’s there’s a lot of Scriptures we could look at on this. But let’s just look at a couple.

The first is in the Second Epistle of Timothy chapter 3 verse 12. it says,

Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

And then there’s that interesting verse that’s so frequently quoted, but only half the verse is quoted, and that’s in Revelation chapter 12 verse 11, speaking of the overcomers overcoming Satan. It says, “And they overcame him, (that is Satan) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Then it goes on to say, “And they loved not their lives unto death.”

I had a patient of mine that I had had for six months who was a dear older black lady. Her name was Pearl. She has long since gone to be with the Lord. Pearl was a very strong Christian, and I had gotten to know her quite well within the six months. She became very ill one day, and I had to admit her to the intensive care unit. The following morning when I went in to see Pearl, the nurses talked to me about her before I actually went in to see her, and they told me she was having an ICU psychosis and hallucinating. Well, this really disturbed me because I knew that Pearl was a very stable and strong Christian, and I just couldn’t imagine that she would be having an ICU psychosis within less than 24 hours to begin with. So I went in and talked to her and she was crying. And Pearl told me, she said,

“Dr. Brown, if you don’t get me out of this place I will die tonight.”

And I said, “Well, what in the world is going on?” And she told me, she said,

“That nurse that took care of me last night, she came in here and she told me that there was no need for me to continue to suffer and struggle to live when I could so easily be reincarnated into my next life. And she also told me that she was going to call down her “higher powers” to escort me into my next life.” And Pearl said,

“Dr. Brown, that nurse laid her hands on me and she did incantations, and there were demons in this room trying to kill me! And I am too weak. If I have to stay here tonight they will kill me because I just can’t fight back any longer.”

Jack Chick: What kind of reaction did you have to that?

Rebecca Brown: Well, I was stunned! I’d never even heard of such a thing, and yet, medically speaking, I could tell that Pearl was completely alert and oriented. She was not disoriented in any other way. And I also knew her well enough I certainly didn’t think Pearl was lying. And quite frankly, it was such a wild story, who could make up such a thing? And the other thing that concerned me, I knew that Pearl because of her Negro background was certainly knowledgeable about Voodoo and that sort of thing because she was from the southern United States and had come north.

I spent the better part of that day on my knees in the chapel. I always had the chapel to myself because no one else used it. And I earnestly sought the Lord as to an answer. Was what Pearl saying the truth? Did this really happen? And that’s why I made mention earlier that you had to have that type of relationship with God where He could speak to you because you see, this did not go against anything that was in the Scripture. In other words, there were scriptural principles to back up what Pearl was saying. But I needed to know specifically, and I needed to have an answer that I could step out on in faith. And God confirmed to me that what Pearl was telling me was the truth.

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Well, Pearl was certainly too ill to transfer out of the intensive care unit that day, and as I was not on call that particular night, the Lord commanded me to go and spend the night sitting at Pearl’s bedside. And don’t think that didn’t hit the hospital grapevine because everyone said, “Well look at the gullible young doctor! Her patient has a hallucination saying she’s going to be killed, and so Dr. Brown goes and sits at her bedside all night.”

Jack Chick: So then this alerted all the witches in the hospital to what you were doing!

Rebecca Brown: Well, certainly it did! Only of course I wasn’t even sure what was happening because the nurse that Pearl was referring to was the nurse who was in charge of the intensive care unit at night. She was an older lady but she was highly respected within the hospital. I mean, she was an excellent nurse. She was well organized, she got things done. She was accurate in her work. She was a highly intelligent woman.

Jack Chick: Nobody, nobody suspected her did they?

Rebecca Brown: Well no, I mean I certainly didn’t. Because she was always very pleasant. I didn’t have a close relationship with her, but then you don’t with many of the employees.

Jack Chick: Here you are a Christian and you weren’t even suspecting this person at all. There was no way for you to know she was a witch. In other words, God hadn’t given you the ability to spot her, did He?

Rebecca Brown: No. And that’s something that we need to point out if you have discernment. Well, first of all, I hadn’t been trained. I hadn’t been in God’s training school in that area so I wouldn’t even have known the signs to look for. But secondly, you have discernment only when the Lord chooses to give it to you.

Jack Chick: I see.

Rebecca Brown: It’s not something from yourself. I had the gift of discerning of spirits, but I discern something only when the Lord chooses to give me that discernment, because the discernment is not from me, the discernment is from the Lord, from the Holy Spirit.

Jack Chick: Okay, so you were facing this woman that night while you were at Pearl’s bedside.

Rebecca Brown: Yes. Interestingly enough, she did not assign herself to take care of Pearl that night, and in fact she never set foot in the room, but for the first time in my life I experienced direct Satanic oppression like I had never experienced it before. And you know, being a doctor, I was so trained in the scientific approach, everything is measurable. But you cannot measure the things of the spirit world with physical measurements. You just can’t do it. And there I was sitting at Pearl’s bedside and suddenly I was oppressed with such incredible power like I’d never experienced before. There was absolutely nothing that I could see, and yet I felt as if something was literally trying to squash my body into the floor, as if something was absolutely just trying to suck the life out of me.

Jack Chick: Now, these were witches placing incantations and curses on you while you were next to Pearl, right?

Rebecca Brown: Well, it was directly demons coming against me, but I didn’t know that at that time. All I knew was there was this strange unseen power, and I knew from studying God’s Word, the Scriptures, that everything had to be fought against with the power and authority that I had received through Jesus Christ. And so boy, Pearl and I held hands and I prayed out loud and I just laid claim to the Blood of Jesus over us. I asked the Lord to shield us from whatever it was that was coming toward us, and we made it through the night. I was certainly shaken up, but we made it through the night, both Pearl and I did. And I discharged her from the intensive care unit first thing the following morning.

The next step then, was quick to come. I was teaching a small Bible study of nurses that I had brought to the Lord, and there was one nurse in particular who was about my age that I’d formed quite a friendship with. And finally one day she began to confide in me that prior to her accepting the Lord that she had been in training to become a medium, and that this head nurse of the intensive care unit at night was the person who was training her, that she was in training to become a witch. And of course she had stopped it all. And in fact, this gal, this nurse Helen, was so hostile once this girl turned to Jesus, that she put in a request to be changed to a different shift so that she wouldn’t have to work with her. And she told me that Helen considered it her ministry to go in and and to assign herself to care for the patients who were the most critical, that they weren’t very stable, and she would go in and tell the patients that there was no need to struggle and to suffer, that they could so easily be reincarnated into their next life. And she would lay hands on them, and she would do incantations and call demons into the room. And these patients died. And you see, these were the patients that were dying where I couldn’t find a logical sequence of events to their death!

Jack Chick: It wasn’t medical then?

Rebecca Brown: No, that’s correct.

Jack Chick: Okay, did you ever have a confrontation with this woman face to face over a patient?

Rebecca Brown: Yes, I did many times after that, but not actually speaking to her. Because you see, I didn’t have any proof. If I had gone and accused this woman of being a witch.

Jack Chick: They would have said you were crazy.

Rebecca Brown: Sure, they would have said I was crazy because I didn’t have any proof that she was a witch, and this girl, Lynn, also told me ssssssssssmore about the group in the area, because she had been over to the town. It turns out that where I was training, I was just 20 miles from the second largest center of Satanism in the United States.

Jack Chick: You mean it was a community?

Rebecca Brown: There was a whole community, that’s correct. There was a whole town that was made up of Satanists, and they had a Satanist church, but they also had a lot of denominational Christian churches which they attended to put on a good front. But then there was a whole camp there…

Jack Chick: But what about the police and the fire departments and all that, you mean they were all members of the coven? The whole thing was a coven?

Rebecca Brown: Well no, not the whole thing. There were a few people scattered in there that had not joined, but basically the entire community was, and it turns out that this particular community also has one of the world’s largest literature distribution centers of occult literature. It’s out of that town as well. And of course they had tremendous influence in all of the surrounding areas.

Jack Chick: Then this thing must be spreading across the United States!

Rebecca Brown: Oh it already has!

Jack Chick: The communities then.

Rebecca Brown: Yes, yes, it already has spread. That’s the reason why the Lord called Elaine and I out here because the first largest center of Satanism in the United States is within the Los Angeles / San Francisco area. That’s why we’re here. But you would expect Satan to strike where the Christians are the strongest because he would want to weaken them. And so Satan set up a stronghold right in the very midst of the Bible belt.

Jack Chick: So this is how God was preparing you for your meeting with Elaine.

Rebecca Brown: That’s right! Because you see, before ever I met Elaine I had to begin to learn how to fight witchcraft or I would have gone under when I met her. I had to learn. And so I learned very quickly. You see, Lynn told me, and the Lord confirmed to me that there were many many nurses in that hospital and also doctors, who were Satanists. And I learned quickly that patients who had taken a turn for the worse, there were many times I would be standing on one side of the bedside doing everything I could medically to save the patient’s life, and a nurse or a doctor, another doctor working with me, would be standing on the other side of the bed doing their incantations.

Jack Chick: So this was a spiritual battle you were facing!

Rebecca Brown: It was a spiritual battle. And there wasn’t anything spoken out loud. I would be praying and pleading the Blood of Jesus over this patient and asking the Lord to shield the patient at the same time as I was doing whatever work needed to be done medically, and …

Jack Chick: The enemy from the other side was in turn placing curses on the patient.

Rebecca Brown: That is exactly right. And I came under tremendous physical strain at the same time.

Jack Chick: And a lot of hatred. There must have been a plot within the organization to get rid of you as fast as they could.

Rebecca Brown: Yes, there certainly was. But I was sort of blithely unaware of all of that. It never occurred to me that those people would band together to fight me. Why, I don’t know, except I imagine that Satan blinded my mind.

Jack Chick: And they were all sweet people, lovely people on the surface, polite, kind.

Rebecca Brown: Absolutely. And they all were going to Christian churches. In fact, some of them had asked me to go and attend their churches.

Jack Chick: Amazing.

Rebecca Brown: And they were attending Christian churches. But what I started doing on the Lord’s leading, is every evening before I left the hospital, I walked through the entire hospital, through the intensive care units, through every ward, and of course, nobody paid any attention to that because I was all over the hospital anyway in my training, and I would very quietly so that no one could overhear me, but out loud, I would plead the Blood of Jesus. I asked the Lord to shield every one of those patients. I laid claim to the Blood of Jesus over those patients. In the Name of Jesus, I took authority over and bound every demon spirit in that place, and every spirit that would be brought into that place, and I asked the Lord to bind all Satanic powers so that they could not function. And it was amazing, the death rate in the intensive care unit when I started doing that dropped by about 50 percent from what it had been! But the battle mounted. My prayer times, the Holy Spirit led me in my prayer times over and over and over again to pray the prayer that Moses did when he went against Anak, the Canaanite king. Moses said, “Lord, rise up and let your enemies be scattered.” And over and over I found myself praying those words.

And also at that time, the Lord very much laid on my heart that Scripture in Ezekiel chapter 22. And I think it might be wise to stop and read it here because it certainly is very key to what happened in my life. And it’s Ezekiel 22 verses 30 and 31. It says,

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD.

And you know, the Holy Spirit really laid it upon my heart to ask God to allow me to stand in the gap for that hospital. I was so concerned for the unsaved souls there and I didn’t know what all that meant, but I just asked the Lord if in any way He could use me, that I was willing to stand in the gap for that hospital, that the Lord would not have to pour out His wrath upon those people, that instead they would be turned to Jesus Christ.

Jack Chick: Rebecca let me ask you this. What happened to Lynn, the girl? Wasn’t she in danger divulging all this information as she was a Christian now, but wasn’t she in danger?

Rebecca Brown: Yes, she really took a big risk, and she was very frightened, I know. She talked to me very quietly. She refused to talk to me in the hospital about it at all. And she told me that I couldn’t tell anyone about it. And I talked to her about this young minister. And she knew about that young minister. And she was very frightened that the same thing would happen to her although she said that she had not actually signed a contract to become a member of the group. But I learned about this group not only from Lynn. The Lord brought some other people. They were employees at the hospital there into my life who were Christians. And they started telling me about the group also. And they had been members of that pastor’s church. And they told me about the ministry that he’d been involved in and how he had been bringing people out of this group. And they would hardly talk about it because they were obviously very scared too. And the pastor left the state as soon as he got out of the hospital. He left the state. And these people said, well, it was something that they didn’t want to talk about very much because they didn’t know who would overhear them, and they were afraid of the same thing happening to them.

Jack Chick: There’s an old principle throughout history: you kill one to terrorize ten thousand. So this is the principle the witches were using them to take one sacrifice and to terrorize not only the Christian community but also the witches putting them under bondage and fear that this is going to happen to them.

Rebecca Brown: Oh yeah, that’s right because certainly, no one else would want to come out of the cult because they’d be afraid that this same sort of thing would happen to them.

Jack Chick: So these young girls or young boys today who are fooling around with witchcraft, dungeons, dragons, and so on who are planning on going into covens, are really setting themselves up for a horrible future.

Rebecca Brown: Yes they are. Because it’s very difficult to change your mind once you get involved with Satan because Satan doesn’t give up his servants easily.

Jack Chick: In other words you go out feet first. It’s like entering the mafia, right?

Rebecca Brown: Yes, yes.

Jack Chick: Okay Elaine, I’d like to ask you a question at this point. Were you aware of the activity going on in that hospital under Dr. Rebecca brown? Was she a problem to you?

Elaine: Yes. I was at the peak of my power at that time. I ran that whole community although I lived about 30 miles ~ 35 miles from where Rebecca’s hospital was. I received orders directly from Satan himself. He came to me and gave me direct orders to get rid of this doctor that was causing all these problems.

Jack Chick: Elaine, what about the young minister Rebecca told us about?

Elaine: Oh, I gave the order for that young minister to be brutalized as he was. He was interfering with our business and that was to be stopped and that’s the way we stopped him.

Jack Chick: Okay, were you going to take Rebecca out the same way?

Elaine: Oh no, no no. No, you don’t do the same thing twice in a row in the same area and that close together because that would draw too much attention to what’s going on, and they might believe the two where they wouldn’t believe the one. So we organized, or I organized a national effort between top witches nationwide to get rid of Rebecca. I did find out that this doctor had a disease that was supposed to be incurable, and that’s the only place I could find where there was a weakness. So I organized a national effort with all these witches to do special incantations and special prayers, especially calling up for special demons to inflict Rebecca with the disease that she had to make it worse than what she already had.

Jack Chick: Rebecca can I ask you a question? When they started these incantations what happened to you at this point?

Rebecca Brown: Well, I never associated what was going on with my body with the warfare that I was involved in, but I suddenly began to get rapidly worse. I had an incurable neuromuscular disease, And I came under the care of a doctor there in the hospital, one of the top doctors, And I grew worse and worse and worse over the following, oh it was about four or five months, to the point where at the end of my first year there I was told I only had about a month to live. I was given a choice as to whether I wished to be hospitalized in that hospital or go home, and I chose to go home to die.

Jack Chick: Elaine, was this just to get Rebecca out of the way? Or was it to kill her?

Elaine: It was to kill her, Jack.

Jack Chick: Okay, Rebecca, what happened to you after you went home to die?

Rebecca Brown: Well, several things happened. I had a home church there, not the church I was raised in but one that I had attended during my years in medical school. And the pastor of that church was an extremely godly man. And I was at my parents’ house. My parents were not a member of the church. I was unable to get out of bed. I was bedridden by that time. And pastor Pat came to see me at my folks’ house. And he told me that he’d taken this matter to the Lord and that the Lord had indicated to him that it was not His will for me to die at that time. And he told me he said, “Rebecca, I know this sounds really far out, but I believe the Lord has revealed to me that you are being attacked by a group of very powerful witches, and that that is what is bringing about your death. Have you been involved with witches in any way? Is this possible?” And suddenly the light began to come on, and I began to realize the connection. Because you see until that point, I had not shared with pastor Pat anything that was going on because I was out of town at this training hospital. And I began to sit down and share with him what was happening. And we saw the connection. And that entire church was a very powerful praying church at that time. And there were about 200 people that fasted and prayed for me literally around the clock for almost an entire week. And as a result of that, that witchcraft, the power of that was broken, I was shielded, and the Lord raised me up and healed me! Now I had about a four months recuperation period because I had lost so much muscle mass physically, but I was completely cured of this incurable illness by the Lord.

Jack Chick: Okay now, Rebecca, this raises an interesting question. Since you were a Christian, how could the witches so successfully affect you?

Rebecca Brown: Well, Hosea 4 verse 6 says, “My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.” And that’s exactly what was going on in my case. I had no knowledge of what was coming against me. In the sixth chapter of Ephesians, as you know, the full armor of God is described in that chapter. And specifically, it says that you should use the shield of faith to put out the fiery darts from the Devil. And what most Christians don’t realize is that the fiery darts referred to are demons sent by Satan or sent by servants of Satan to afflict them. And when you don’t even have any idea you’re being attacked then it’s pretty difficult to use the shield of faith. Now, interestingly enough, I was using that shield of faith for all of my patients but it never occurred to me that I needed to use it for myself.

Jack Chick: Elaine, after the church did all this praying how did this affect you?

Elaine: Well, whenever I sent out my incantations with my demons, they’d come back and beat me up! They’d be yelling and screaming at me, how dare I send them against a true born-again believer?! And very soon after that, then I got a visit from Satan himself again. And he was wanting to know what the problem was. Why wasn’t this doctor dead? What was the big hold-up? Why wasn’t I doing my job? So I became angry, and I told him what the demons told me, and he said they’re liars. And we went round and round with that. And he got mean and nasty with me. So I got mean and nasty with my servants with the witches underneath me. So I sent demons out on the witches to discipline them because I was being disciplined, you see.

Jack Chick: Amazing!

Rebecca Brown: Now, this brings up a question, Elaine, that a lot of people would ask. You referred to the demons beating you up. Did they beat you up in a physical form?

Elaine: Yeah, they would manifest themselves in a physical form and beat me up like if you and I got into a fisticuffs fight, we’d have bruises all over us. And if Jack was standing here seeing this, he could see us fight. Yes, that’s the form in which they manifested themselves. It was in a physical form.

Jack Chick: Amazing! Okay, now was this your first realization of a greater power than Satan?

Elaine: Oh no, no no.

Jack Chick: Could you tell us about the first thing?

Elaine: Oh sure. We were out here shortly after I had come to a greater power, and I was a high priestess. And you know how a lot of people like to show off and things. Well, we’re right here for a competition which, in Satan’s kingdom, you’re in competition all the time. You must get up the ladder. You must be the highest of the high in order for other people to leave you alone most of the time. We were here for a competition where we had witch fights. Now you know, by a witch fight I mean that we would draw the more powerful demons out of the witch we’re fighting with and call them into ourselves. Now I have this competition I won. To give you examples, some of the other things that we did. We would show just how powerful the demons were inside of us. We could change a cat into a rabbit, or a rabbit into a cat. However the animal would die, but it could be done, demonically.

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A man was standing about 20 feet away from me and in point-blank range, he took a 357 magnum. I waved my hands in front of my body and stood there and let him fire at me, and the bullet dropped at my feet. Now the demons were what I was calling up and using to protect me from this bullet. Now that I’m a Christian, I understand that the demons were only there in order to destroy us. But as a witch, I thought that they were our servants. But I know, I know, I know that they are to destroy all witches and warlocks, anyone involved in any type of Satanism because as a Christian I can see that God’s given me a beautiful gift of seeing exactly what was laid out for me, what was waiting for me. And now I have the hope of Heaven. Before I had only hell.

Jack Chick: Elaine, now, it was during this competition that you discovered this greater power. Could you tell us what happened?

Elaine: Yes. I went with the high priest out here. He got together the top witches and told us that he has specific orders, from Satan, that there was a family in this area that was giving great difficulties to the craft in this area, and that they were to be killed. And we sat down in a circle, we began to do our incantations, and we astral projected ourselves to this family’s home. When we got there, there was this wall of angels. I mean, it was just around, completely around, this man’s property.

(Editor’s Note: The tape was changed to side B and something was left out. It seems to me one of those angels is now talking to Elaine.)

That voice would be deep and gruff, but it was a very sweet, very sincere voice, and the eyes were sincere and full of love and they looked at me and said, “Won’t you stop what you’re doing? Don’t you know that Jesus loves you? Won’t you make Jesus your savior?” Well, I’d had enough. That was it. I was leaving. I wasn’t fighting anything that was going to look like that at me and say that to me and I couldn’t get through. The others tried for a while, but they left. Now it was against you and your family, Jack, that we were sent against because of what you were publishing here at your publishing company. You were getting through to a lot in Satanism because you were talking out against so many things that the Satanists back. And because of that, you were to be put out of the way. But because of your love for Jesus Christ and His love for you, you have protection that I had never seen before! That was the first time I’d ever come against anything that was stronger than the power that I had.

Jack Chick: Praise God! See, this is what happens when Christians pray for one another because none of us realize the attacks. And this is why sometimes when God says to get up and pray for some missionary out on the field, this is just to stop the attacks of the enemy. We have to do this for one another. We have to be more and more in prayer all the time.

I think we should go back now and trace what happened in Elaine’s life to bring it up to this point so that those of you listening to this tape can understand the final events which brought Elaine to making Jesus Christ her Lord and savior. Elaine, would you tell us about your birth?

Elaine: Sure. I was born with a hair lip with a cleft palate. And to break that down so that most people can understand it, it means I had no nose, no upper lip, and no roof on my mouth. It would take many surgeries and much money to build me a face, to actually make me one, and many years of such. My family was extremely poor. We had no money and the wealthy there back then were not like it is today, they wouldn’t help people as they do today. And so my mother was kind of between a rock and a hard place. She didn’t know what to do or who to go to. And there was a young nurse working there in the hospital when my mother gave me birth, and she came to my mother and told her that there was an organization that she worked for that would supply all the monies needed for me to have all the surgeries I needed for all the repair work I needed down on my face for however long it took to get it done, and it took 16 and a half years. All my mother had to do was give them a thimble full of my blood to use for experimentation. Now, she had no idea that the experiment was that a high priestess was to drink this blood which would automatically sell me more or less at birth to Satan.

I grew up with a great deal of pain, of course, because plastic surgery hurts, it burns, and a great deal of attention from my mother which was drawn away from my brother who didn’t like that, of course. You know, he had the inner sibling rivalry type thing. But also I noticed I was very special around other people, certain people that lived in our neighborhood, that lived around us. They watched me closely. And they were always watching to make sure I didn’t hurt myself, that I didn’t get hit by a car, or get hit by a baseball, or get hurt as other kids got hurt. It was really strange. I also noticed there was something inside of me that was so growing. It was a power. I didn’t understand it. I had no idea what was going on. I was just aware that it was there. I didn’t know what it was for, or why I had it, and I couldn’t find anybody to tell me because I didn’t know who to go to to ask. When you’re a little kid you don’t know. And I’d ask my mother. I’d say, “I feel strange” and she’d say, “Well how do you feel strange?” She thought I had a fever or I was coming down with a cold or something wrong with my surgery or something like this. And that was a natural reaction for her because see, she wasn’t aware either of what had happened. Because had she been aware, it never would have happened.

Rebecca Brown: I might just add here, Jack, that I in my medical practice have come across a number of children that have also been sold to Satan in such a manner.

Elaine: I also noticed that other children around me did not have this same gift or power or whatever it was. So I was pretty much left kind of like out on a limb, and I was afraid because I didn’t know what this was, but I wanted to know more about it.

Jack Chick: Okay Elaine, how did you finally learn what was going on?

Elaine: Well I found out, interesting enough, from a girl who was in the same Sunday school class I was in a Pentecostal church in my hometown. (Jack Chick: Amazing!) She asked me to go with her to church camp. Now, when you say church camp, most people think of the camp where kids go, and they have different dorms, and of course, they get to go swimming, and they learn about the Bible and Jesus. This was not that kind of church camp. This was another camp. This camp was for mediums and spiritualists and clairvoyants and palm readers and tea leaf readers and tarot card readers. It was also for witches and warlocks and all of this type of thing. But when you first go in, they don’t show you the witch warlock part, just the fun part, like you go in and have your palm ready and “Isn’t this fun? Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to do this? And wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to read a tarot card or an ouija board? Or wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to read tea leaves or coffee grounds or any of these things?” And it starts out as a fun thing like a camp.

Before the two weeks were up I had spent a great deal of time learning about different aspects of this camp and about a power that they said, they kept saying, I had within. I’m now beginning to think, “Is this the power that keeps surging inside of me that keeps fighting and wanting to get out?” And I begin to think more and more and more about what one of the people had told me who was around me, that I had a special gift. I was just, I was a gifted child. I was this, I was that. And I also remember that other kids didn’t have what I had. And I was beginning to think, “Now, maybe there is something to all this.” Then the girl comes up to me and asks if I want to join their organization. And I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure what I had to do to join this group, and I wasn’t too sure I wanted to because primarily, I hated people. I had been so badly mistreated at home, I had been badly mistreated in school, nothing like peers to hurt you the worst. Kids your own age can just make your life miserable. And they did mine because of my deformities and that type of thing. So I had basically learned to hate people pretty well. I was a street kid. I learned how to fight and handle myself well. So I was a little hesitant to join. But they told me that I should join because I had this special gift, a special power. And again I was tempted because I wanted to know what this power was. I had felt it all this time. I didn’t know what it was for and I was hungry to find out. And I wanted more of it because it felt good.

So I said, “Well maybe.” And they told me I had to sign a contract in my own blood. And I said, “No you don’t!” Then they locked me in a little room, and it was dark, and they played these tapes to me over these loudspeakers, and all it said over and over was that Satan was king, Jesus was dead, Jesus was a deceiver, Jesus was a liar, only Satan loved me, only he could tell the truth, he was the one that was within the power that was within me, and only he could tell me how to use it and to bring forth a blossom as a beautiful rose with blossom with all my power and ability. Only he could lead me along this path, and that Jesus Christ hated me, and that my parents hated me, and everything.

So after 48 hours of this, I was ready to sign anything to get out of this room. So I did, I signed a contract that said that I sold myself, body, soul, and spirit to Satan for his use in exchange for all this power I was supposed to get. And I signed it with my own blood. I cut my finger. I get the pen in it. And I signed it with my own blood, my name.

Then became the training period. It was a long long long period. I was taught how to make incantations and spells. I was taught how you have to memorize everything, what candles you use, what color, what hour of the day to use certain things, when we use certain types of hair, animal hair, or bugs, potions, and powders, and how to light candles without touching them. I was taught how to levitate, how to meditate, how to astral project, how to think real hard and cause myself to come out of my body, so to speak, my spirit coming out of my body, and I can see everything around me with both sets of eyes, spirit eyes, and my bodily eyes.

Jack Chick: Now, these were demons coming into your body all this time, these people were feeding demons into you to give you these powers?

Elaine: They were teaching me that I had to call in, conjure up, and call in certain power demons in order for me to exploit this power that I had within in order to make it explode and grow and become more. And at 16 and 17 you’re young, you’re easily taking along a path that isn’t right, especially when you don’t have Christian parents to lead you and guide you. I had a church that didn’t care whether I was there or not, so I was pretty much on my own, and yet I was hungry for something, I was hungry to be loved by something or somebody that wouldn’t hurt me, that wouldn’t cause me any more pain.

Jack Chick: Elaine, now that you were getting this power through the school and the training, different people, were you ever confronted at high school where someone insulted you and you used the power to pay them back?

Elaine: There were two separate times that I can tell you about that are really important. One, I was in gym class, and I was getting ready to take my shower, I had put up all the equipment as I was told to do, and I thought I was the last one in there, and there was this young girl in there that was a lesbian, and she got a half nelson on me and was trying to do her thing with me, and I picked her — she was a big girl — and I picked her up, and I put her head in the commode and almost drowned her. If it hadn’t been for the physical education teacher and two other teachers coming in, I would have drowned her, because I didn’t like that kind of thing, I didn’t want to be touched by her. I thought she was filth as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t want her touching me. And I said, “If you ever come near me again I’ll kill you.” And she this day believes that I will!

Jack Chick: Well, these were demonic powers.

Elaine: right, because I just picked her up! She was a huge girl. I just picked her up and just took her head and just stuck her down in the commode upside down, just picked her up!

And the one other time was a football player. He weighed about, oh, 265 pounds. He was about six one or six two. He was a big broad shoulder young man. And I was walking down the hall with a friend of mine, and he was saying, “Hey, there goes the hair lip there goes the hair up again.” And my friend says, “Don’t do it.” Because she can see I was getting angry. And I have put up with this after school. That’s why I hated school, that’s why I hated people. I didn’t make bad grades, I just didn’t like people. And I turned, I dropped my books, I turned around and I ran at him, knocked him down, and began hitting him. And I beat his face so badly that he had to have repair work done. I broke his nose and his jaws, and knocked out his teeth, and it took eight teachers to get me off this boy. I would have killed him.

Jack Chick: Elaine how big were you then?

Elaine: Oh, I only weighed about 95 pounds something like that. I was about five foot four.

Jack Chick: This was the demonic power?

Elaine: Oh sure! Because this kid was big, he was a lot bigger than I was, and there’s no way I could have harmed him any other way. I mean, I had no weapon in my hand except for my hands, and there wasn’t a bruise on me! And I broke that boy’s jaws and his teeth and his nose and around his forehead, and I gave him a concussion and everything, and there wasn’t a bruise on my fist or nothing else, nothing.

Jack Chick: Then after you got out of high school you got more intensive training then?

Elaine: Oh yes. I went into more intensive training. The high priestess, Grace, the very one that drank my blood, she asked me to come in. She wanted to talk to me. I was to be the next high priestess. I was to take her place. Normally when a high priestess takes another high priestess’ place, she has to kill off that high priestess in order to get it. I didn’t have to do that, however. She trained me. I was taught etiquette, the proper stance, and the way to sit and talk, but I was also taught how to call upon a certain type of demon that was to be my guiding demon, my guiding spirit. His name was Manchan. When this demon came in to me I became exactly as I was supposed to be. I could speak all kinds of languages. I could walk the talk and be the perfect lady and do everything in a perfect manner. And I struggled for years and years and years to control this demon that I had called into my body and I couldn’t get control of him until I was saved.

Jack Chick: Elaine, once you had this powerful demon Manchan inside you giving you all these abilities, was your rise to power rapid?

Elaine: Yes, it was. Shortly after I became a high priestess I rapidly rose to sit on the national council of witches. I finally became a regional bride of Satan which after many competitions and all this I got to be on the international council of witches. Now, there were only 5 to 10 regional brides of Satan or Lucifer depending on what part of the country you come from. In this country, at one time there are many brides of Satan within a local area, but regional brides are not that many. My main hometown assignment, however, was to infiltrate and destroy local Christian Bible-believing churches. That was my main job.

Jack Chick: I see, okay. So it was at this point in your pinnacle of power that you came against Rebecca, is this right?

Elaine: Yes, that’s right. It was during this period I was experiencing all the difficulties as a result of Rebecca’s church with its power structure, their power prayer and everything coming against what I was trying to send against her were blocking everything. So Satan then assigned me to this very small church where I was to go and destroy it. And this church was a storefront church. They were really teaching God’s Word. They were speaking out against Satan, and they were telling it just like it is in God’s Word. And it was up to me then to infiltrate and to destroy. It’s like a search and seizure type thing with the Army. Many men would understand that.

So we were sent in and the first time I drove up there I couldn’t even get out of the car! I mean, the power of God was so strong in this little bitty church I couldn’t even get out of the car. And the second time I got out of the car, I couldn’t get the door open, it was so strong! And the third time I got inside but I had to sit in the back. The power of God was so strong I just sat in the back. And the friend who had dared me to go, and finally she said, “Why haven’t you come to church?” “And I couldn’t say, “Well, because I can’t stand the power of God there.” I had to say you know, “Well, I just didn’t feel like it.” (Jack laughs) And she says, “Well, I dare you to go.” And the third time I went, I sat in the back, but I went. And she asked me to sit up front and I told her no. I said, “I’m perfectly all right back.” and she says, “That’s okay, our God is back here as well as He is upfront. I’ll sit back here with you.” And I learned that these people knew who I was, they knew that I was a witch, they began praying for me, loving me, holding me up in prayer, and they continued this, both men and women continued this for a year. They had no idea that if it hadn’t been for their prayers I’d be a dead woman. But they continued on in prayer that the Lord would somehow save my soul. I was that important to them.

Jack Chick: What an example to the churches today of how important it is that they should pray and fast for a witch instead of screaming to get her out, right?

Elaine: It’s not only important that they’ve been praying for that whole year, but the night I finally went forward to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, if it had not been for their prayers and their intercessing for me before the throne, I could never have been saved. I had Manchan, this guiding demon, and all these other demons screaming in my head! I could hear them tell me I couldn’t do this, I wasn’t allowed to do this, this was against all the orders all the principles everything I’d been taught for 17 years, it was against everything. Yet my heart yearned for, and longed for, was hungry for, Jesus Christ!

And so I went on forward and then they began to work with my mouth, and I couldn’t control my mouth. I couldn’t get it open, and then I couldn’t get it shut. And these people could see this and they really were sweating, they were praying, they were crying out to Jesus and asking for what was wrong with me to be loosed so that I could ask Him in as my Savior. And when that moment finally came I never felt such a relief in my entire life! I could hear all these demons screaming. They were screaming, “No no no she did it, no no no” you know, over and over, and I mean they were screaming! And they were ripping and tearing inside me, I could feel this battle going on, but at the same time I felt this beautiful warm glowing flow just started at the top of my head and just started going through and coming out my feet. And I felt all these warm tears running down my face. And I see I was taught that it was not proper for someone to cry, over a 17-year period I wasn’t allowed to cry, it was not proper, you didn’t do this. But there are these beautiful warm tears that were flowing down my face, and my face was just soaked with them, and I felt this glow all over me and it wasn’t that horrible, horrifying, you’re going to get burned now type thing, it was a warm loving hug type of a glow to come all over me. And that’s the way I felt when Jesus Christ came into my soul.

You remember back in the tape I was telling you that I had such a terrible struggle with Manchan, my guiding demon, guiding spirit, to get to leave me alone. I couldn’t control him. But the very instance of this warm feeling came over me and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I told Manchan to shut up and leave me alone, and he did! And I was rather shocked I got to admit! I sat back and was really shocked because he shut up! I realized all of a sudden that there was a power stronger than Satan and there was something better than what Satan had to offer because now I had life, and before, all I had looked forward to was death.

Jack Chick: Okay Elaine, what was Satan’s reaction to all this?

Elaine: Well, as soon as I got home he manifested himself to me, and he started in on me, he started yelling and screaming at me, but there was something different, something odd. There were all these demons behind him, and you can hear him snarling and going around, but they look shocked, and they wouldn’t come near me. I mean their faces look shocked, a shocked expression on their faces. And for the first time, he wouldn’t come near me! I mean he kept a distance between me and him as if I was to touch him I might hurt him somehow, (Jack: Really!) which never happened before. And if he wanted to grab a hold of me before and shake me around like a rag doll, he would have, but he wouldn’t touch me. He just threatened me and told me how he was going to get even with me, and how I couldn’t stay saved, and how no one would accept me, and Jesus Christ was a liar, and I soon find that out. And he ordered these demons to attack me and they wouldn’t do it. These are the same demons that were ordered before to beat me up and did so when I was in the craft, in the cult, but they didn’t. They wouldn’t do it now!

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Now, Satan tried to tell me that nothing could cover or take care of the contract I had signed in my own blood with him. But I looked him straight in the eye for the first time and I told him, “You’re a liar. I read the tract that Jack Chick put out, The Contract, and that contract I wrote with you is no good because the Blood of Jesus is sufficient for all things.” And I said, “The ladies at the church have been telling me this for quite some time that you’re the liar and that Jesus’s blood was sufficient for all things.” And I said, “Jack Chicks tract, The Contract, says that His Blood is sufficient for all things and there’s no way you’re going to tell me that your contract’s any good. It’s broken by the blood of Jesus.”

Now, the next threat that Satan brought against me when he found out that I was not going to buy the contract bit, was that he would allow the Christians – was the word he used – to destroy me. Now the Christians in this instance he was talking about were the people he had in the churches that were his people that he would allow to destroy me by giving me no credibility at all, just ruining my name, reputation, everything. They’re well programmed in doing this. I have trained the same thing. So I knew that this particular threat that he was making could happen because this happened before to other people.

Jack Chick: Elaine, I can imagine Satan launched a full-scale assault against you and took away as much, well, the power that Manchan had given you. He was stripping you of everything. And here you were absolutely shattered! Did he hit you with sickness? Or what did he do?

Elaine: Jack, he hit me with everything. He hit me of course financially, and with my credibility as he said he would. And everybody was out to destroy me because they were afraid I would destroy them because I knew too much. But the biggest thing he did was hit me with a physical illness. During this time I had fled to another city where Rebecca’s hospital was, and I was working in another area there in a nursing home. And I collapsed at work and was taken into the emergency room. That’s how sick I was. And who walked in but this tall blonde lady doctor. And she had a little pin on her lapel that says Jesus is life. And I know that I looked up at it and I looked at her and I said, “Are you a Christian? And she says, “Yes, are you?” And I said, “Yes, I’m two weeks old.” And lo and behold, it was Rebecca Brown.

Jack Chick: Rebecca, did you know anything about Elaine’s background before she got saved?

Rebecca Brown: No I didn’t, Jack. To me she was just another patient coming in the emergency room. She really wasn’t even my patient. By this time I was a resident, and she was assigned to the intern who was underneath my supervision at that time. Of course I saw her that night, and she did tell me that she was a new Christian. And later that night the Lord instructed me that I was to purchase a Bible for her, which I did, and took in on rounds and gave to her the next morning. I had no idea that there were demons in her. And they spoke through Elaine trying to drive me away. And I truly, I thought she was the most obnoxious person on the face of this earth. I had no idea that it was the demons within her trying to drive me away. In fact, she made me so mad, that when I gave her the Bible, I gave her a reading assignment and I told her she had to read the entire book of James by the time I made rounds the next morning. And the reason why I did that is because James has so much to say about taming the tongue. And it made Elaine so mad, that when I made rounds the next morning and came in, she threw the Bible at me!

Elaine’s case was certainly a very difficult one because I knew she was sick. She was so obnoxious to me all the time. And yet, I prayed about her case as I was in the habit of praying and fasting about all the difficult cases, but the Lord was strangely silent as to what went on. And we ran every test in the book on her. And being in a large teaching hospital we had many tests to run that the average hospital doesn’t have. And they all kept turning out negative. Of course, at that time, I wasn’t knowledgeable about the way demons can destruct and tear down a physical body on a molecular level so that the tests won’t turn up, they won’t show up what’s going on. But all in all, I heaved a great sigh of relief, because after Elaine had been in the hospital about a month I was due to be changed to a different rotation and she would no longer be under my care.

But you know, there was another strange thing about Elaine. I didn’t realize what it was but she had such a presence about her, and I realized now it was because of the demon Manchan that was in her, the tremendous power that was in her. But everyone wherever Elaine went was immediately aware of her presence in the room. There was, just all I can describe it as a presence. And every ward she went on there was trouble, there was constant trouble with the nurses. Everyone knew that she was there, and of course, at that time I didn’t realize it was because of what was going on between her and the nurses that were witches. So I was very thankful, I was just saying, thank you Lord that I can change rotations.

Elaine: Yes, but I had other ideas. You see, no one told me that I couldn’t use my witchcraft! I mean, yes, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but no one told me that I couldn’t do what I used to do! I was kind of stuck there, you see, and I was also very afraid. There were all these witches around me, and I knew that Satan had put out a contract on me to be done away with, and I was scared to death. So it was up to me to fight to keep my life. And here was this young Christian woman, and I didn’t really trust her too much either, and yet something kept drawing me back, and drawing me back to her. And so I kept doing incantations to get rid of everybody else so she’d have to come back!

Rebecca Brown: Interestingly enough, after I changed rotations, it had only been about a week, and the intern, who was you know, Elaine was really his private patient, he came to me and told me that he didn’t care what the consequences were, that he was never going to go back in and see that woman again, and that he was handing her over into my hands, that he would have nothing more to do with her. And there was another specialist that was on her case. And a week after that he came and told me the same thing. And nobody would have anything to do with Elaine, and there I was.

Elaine: What Rebecca didn’t know was that the specialist was a Satanist. And I deliberately picked to fight with him, troused him, I mean, I bopped him good and drove him away so that I’d have her. I didn’t want him. I didn’t trust him. I was, like I said before, I was scared to death. I was in a hospital that I knew belonged to Satan, and I knew they were out to to get me, and the only person that seemed to have any light around them or any inkling of what Jesus was all about was this young woman doctor. And I kind of held on like a kid does to his mama’s apron strings for a long long time. And I really felt bad about it, but at the same time I felt glad because I felt like finally I’ve found somebody who can help me. But again, nobody told me I couldn’t beat the socks off this guy with my witchcraft. They didn’t tell me I had to pray for him, not beat him up! (She laughs.)

Rebecca Brown: And boy, was it stretching those apron strings! The longer I was associated with Elaine, the more obnoxious the demons got through her, the more desperate they were in their attempt to drive me away. And I was getting so frustrated. And I would reach the point and I’d make up my mind I’m going to discharge this patient in the morning and tell her there’s anything else I could do. And then the Lord would permit Satan to tempt me, and I would fall flat on my face and fail and have to go crawling back to Father with my tail tucked between my legs and ask His forgiveness. And then He’d say to me, “Now you see the patience I have to have with you? Can’t you extend that kind of patience to my child Elaine?” And so I would say, “Yes Lord, please put your love in my heart for this woman because she is certainly unlovable.” But the problem was I was never given the opportunity to ever really speak to Elaine herself, I was only speaking to the demons without knowing it.

So finally after she was in the hospital going on two months, I got really serious and I spent one whole weekend, 48 hours, in fasting and prayer, asking God for the key to her case. And at the end of that time the Lord spoke to me and told me that I had not investigated her deep occult involvement. And it was the following morning then that I went in. I remember, I sat down on the edge of the bed and told Elaine that there was something else that we hadn’t discussed and she said, “Oh what’s that?” And I said, “Your deep occult involvement.”

Elaine: And I just about fell off the bed because I couldn’t figure out how she found out! And again all of a sudden, the signals go up and you go on guard, and you’re not sure where she stands. You’re not sure if she really is a Christian now or if she’s one of those witches that you’ve helped implant in a church somewhere that is trying to get a hold of you and turn against you. But there was still something special about her. She put me in the mind of those beautiful ladies back in that little storefront church who did all that praying, and they knew what I was but they loved me anyway. And this was the kind of love that she showed me.

Rebecca Brown: Well, I could tell that Elaine was really scared, and so I told her that I had spent the weekend in fasting and prayer, and the Father had revealed it to me. And I also told her that she must begin to confess these involvements one by one, and ask the Lord to forgive her and to close the doorway, and to take all of this away from her. And I met absolute and total resistance. And finally, I didn’t know what to do because she was just so resistant. And finally I said, “Well, I can’t handle you. I just can’t handle you. But I know Who can!” And I prayed with her right then and there, and I asked the Lord to take Elaine in His hands and to handle her.

Elaine: And He did!

Rebecca Brown: When I came in the next morning she said, “Don’t you ever pray that way again.” But I prayed that way with Elaine every day from that point on. And she began to grow spiritually. And we finally began to get some of her physical problems cleared up. And then the time came when she was discharged from the hospital, I continued to see her on an outpatient basis for about another month.

And then the cult lowered the boom. And I received a letter in the mail from the cult, and so did Elaine, and the letter that I received detailed all of my activities for the two weeks prior to the writing of the letter, right down to what I had purchased at the grocery store, what time I went to bed at night, what time I got up in the morning, my address, my phone number, they knew everything about me! And they told me that if I ever had any contact with Elaine again that I would be used for the Black Mass, the Easter sacrifice which was coming up in about three weeks time. It was in the spring just before Easter.

And they told Elaine in her letter that if ever she had any further contact with me and that if she didn’t go back and repent and return to worship Satan, that they were going to use her as a sacrifice. And Elaine called me up very upset. And said that she wouldn’t be seeing me any more because of it. But I told her that I had to take this matter to Father in prayer and see what His guidance was. Father was quick to answer me. He told me that I must get Elaine and move her into my home with us because she would commit suicide rather than fall into the hands of the cult, that her faith wasn’t strong enough yet. Her husband had left her, he remained in the cult. Her daughter, she had left with her stepsister during the period of time she was in the hospital. So we left the daughter with her stepsister at that time in order not to bring her into the dangerous situation. But I had a roommate living with me at the time, and I had to tell her about what was going on, and she was so scared that she moved out for almost a month before coming back.

But the Lord gave me two Scriptures that He quickened to my heart. The first one is in the second epistle of Timothy the first chapter verse 14 where it says, “That good thing which was committed unto thee, keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us.” And the Lord just told me that Elaine was a good deposit given into my hands, and that I must keep her safe. Of course the first thing I asked the Lord was, “Will you keep us safe?” And His answer was, “That is my decision to make. You have been praying for two years now to stand in the gap for this area, and I have put you in the gap for this area, and what will be the result of that is my decision. But regardless, you are to support your sister’s faith until the end whichever it be.”

He also quickened to my heart the Scripture where Jesus said, “No greater love hath a man than this that he should lay down his life for his friend.” I’ll be honest with you, Jack, I was so afraid. I was just ill with fear. Because you remember, I had seen what the cult could do. I saw that young minister, and I saw how he was tortured, and I couldn’t face the prospect of being tortured in such a way myself. And by this time I had truly grown to love Elaine, and I couldn’t face the prospect of seeing her tortured either. But somehow I just had to trust that the Lord would give us the strength not to deny Jesus no matter what the cult did to us. And after two days of anguishing, I finally got honest with the Lord, and I threw myself prone on the floor face down in front of Father, and just cried and asked the Lord, I told Him I said, “I’m so frightened, and yet even though I can’t bear the thought of facing that kind of physical torture, I can’t bear to deny Jesus, and I know that if I disobey You, that I will be denying Jesus. So please help me.” And somehow or other, I don’t know what the Lord did, I really wasn’t any less afraid, but He gave me the strength to go ahead and be obedient. And I went and got Elaine and moved her into my home. And as I say, my roommate moved out although she did move back in again about a month later.

Jack Chick: Rebecca, you had a real hot potato in your hands! Did you call anyone for help?

Rebecca: No, there really wasn’t anyone to call. I did call one minister of a church that I had been attending locally in that city, and he just promptly told me that he didn’t want to be involved in anything like that. By that time, I knew that the mayor of that town and the chief of police as well as many of the policemen were Satanists, so I couldn’t go to the police for help. I was afraid to go anywhere in my hometown for fear of bringing my parents into it. So we just stood. I told Elaine that I really felt this was a spiritual battle, that there was no way that we could fight against so strong and well armed an army as Satan had. There isn’t any place where you can run to escape from Satan. And I know we stood on the story of King Jehoshaphat in second Chronicles. But during that two weeks we had to wait, the cult was furious. And they let us know in no uncertain terms that they were furious. That with all kinds of harassment, they shot holes in the walls of our house, they threw rocks through our windows at night, they’d come and bang on the side of the house at night, they sent us other threatening letters, we got threatening phone calls all during the night during that two-week waiting period. But we just stood firm and waited. I told Elaine that I was sure that no matter what happened that somehow the Lord would give us the strength not to deny Jesus even if they did sacrifice us to the very end, but whatever the end was, we would meet it together.

Elaine: You know, during this time too, Jack, it was a struggle for me. Because there was a temptation to go back. Because I knew if I did they would probably leave her alone because I hadn’t really told her anything yet, and they’d find that out soon enough. But also I knew down deep in my heart that I could not do that because I couldn’t tolerate the satanists anymore. I couldn’t tolerate witchcraft and all this anymore. Something was wrong with it, I wanted something better. And they kept telling us over and over and over that if we thought our God was going to save us, we were surely wrong. And I couldn’t understand why they were so upset over a God they said was dead in the first place. Things just didn’t level out for me, but I was scared to death. I was afraid for Rebecca, because I knew that if they got a hold of her, that they would they would torture her and myself unmercifully. And I’d seen so much of what they had done and heard so much about it and and everything that I just could not bring myself, I had come to love her so much, I couldn’t bring myself to the point where I could accept seeing her do that.

Rebecca Brown: But the one thing I kept emphasizing to Elaine was that we had to be obedient to the Lord, that Jesus was not only her Savior, Jesus was also her Master, and that obedience was the first rule. We had to be obedient.

Finally the day of the night when the cult was supposed to come and get us. I was sitting in the library of the hospital, and a Christian medical student whom I knew walked by and dropped a little card in my lap. And on it contained the very verse that I had been standing on. And it said, “The battle tomorrow is Mine and not yours, saith the Lord. Simply take up your position and stand firm, and watch to see the victory that Jehovah your God shall win for you.” And it was at that point that I knew for the first time the Lord would keep us safe. I can never express the emotion that went through my mind and heart. And I went running after this girl and I said, “Why did you give me this verse?” And she told me saying, “I really don’t know why. I feel kind of silly doing it, but the Lord has been steadily telling me for the last three days I had to give you that verse. And today I finally decided to be obedient and give it to you.” And the Lord did keep us safe that night. The cult did not come for us. We were in absolute peace, and God fought the battle for us, and they did not come and get us.

Elaine: We were sitting and listening to albums, beautiful Christian records, the first time I really ever got to be really hear Christian music, beautiful Christian music. And the Gaithers (a Christian Gospel music band) came on, and the clock started to strike midnight which was the hour that they were to come and get us, And all of a sudden they began to sing, “It is finished.” And I looked at her and she looked at me, and there was no one there, no one came to get us. And I realized for the first time that Jesus Christ was more powerful than Satan, that He could and did have the victory, and that I didn’t have to be afraid anymore, and that I could stand up and say, “Satan you’re lost. That’s it. You’re the loser. I’m never coming back. That’s it.” We went to bed and we slept in peace.

Jack Chick: This is the end of tape one. On tape two we will describe Satan’s master plan for the destruction of the Christian churches as Elaine learned it while in Satan’s service. Thank you so much for listening. Please go on to the second tape. May God bless you. Bye Bye.

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