Japanese tracts

Download these articles as tracts (pdf)*:

  1. One Serious Scientists Who Doubts Evolution (Japanese)
  2. 8 Reasons Why Evolution is Foolish (Japanese)
  3. Real History in Chinese Script (Japanese)
  4. YHWH The Creator God (Japanese)
  5. Why is a 6000-year-old universe so hard to believe? (Japanese)
  6. Do you know Him? (English/Japanese)

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High resolution artwork

  1. “One Serious Scientist Who Doubts Evolution” in Japanese: Inside (6.4 MB) and Outside (6.4 MB)
  2. “8 Reasons Why Evolution is Foolish” in Japanese: Inside (5.5 MB) and Outside (4.9 MB)
  3. “Real History in Chinese Script” in Japanese: Inside (6.7 MB) and Outside (5.5 MB)