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A big conspiracy or just a bizarre story?


Sometimes you hear about a story that is so ‘way out’ there that you just cannot possibly believe it could be true. It is so bizarre that you think that only some conspiracy nut would believe it. But what if I told you a story, which begins about a hundred years ago, that resulted in what most of the modern-day scientific establishment believes in regards to the origin of the Universe? But the following is just a story. You can call it historical fiction if you like. Call it ramblings of a mad man if you must!

The story begins with a journalist who uncovers a story that very few believe to be true nowadays. What he found is very different from the usual story. The usual story that journalists feed us is that the Universe started off in a big bang 13.8 billion years ago and since that time stars and galaxies formed and eventually our solar system formed about 5 billion years ago.

BB history
The usual big bang story

From that, about 4.5 billion years ago, the planet we call home cooled from the solar nebula and eventually oceans and dry land formed. Following that in some ocean spray, or maybe near a deep-sea vent, life began all by itself, and over the ensuing billions of years all life evolved to its current state. This usual story though is really all fiction. So what is really the truth?

What if I told you that that story was the invention of a secret (or dark) religious fraternity that wanted to deceive the world’s scientists and the general public? What if I told you that their story was a total fabrication designed to give a scientific gloss to a pagan belief system? What if I told you that that story is now accepted as scientific dogma and has replaced the real truth in the minds of most humans currently alive on planet Earth today? And as a result, most of the world believes in a total fictional story. Most of the world believes in a story about as far from the truth as you could imagine. Once the world believed in true history. That has now been supplanted by the efforts of that dark fraternity, which continues to work behind-the-scenes to maintain their fiction in the minds of the wider community.

One hundred years ago a young man, Albert Einstein, while working in a patent office in Bern Switzerland, developed a radical new theory, a geometrical way of describing space and time and, in particular, it described how the presence of matter affected measurements of those quantities. For mathematicians and scientists working to try to understand the structure of the Universe its introduction brought a revolutionary perspective. It introduced a way to interpret newly obtained observational data from the cosmos, that is, newly obtained in the early 1900’s.

Astronomers were starting to realise that the Galaxy—our Galaxy, which we call the Milky Way—was not the only galaxy in the Universe and that all those nebulae, which were previously thought to be clouds of stars, gas and dust, were in fact more galaxies outside of our own. Quickly the picture of the Universe changed. New large telescopes gave unprecedented amounts of more data, precise measurements of the locations, brightness and other optical properties of these newly realized galaxies.  As a result the thought began to emerge, that perhaps these new data meant that mankind could find its own answer to the age-old question of, not the structure of the Universe, but more importantly, the origin of the Universe.

Up until this time, the answer to that question had been under the control of the leaders of the brotherhood—a religious organization, with skills in the ancient pagan arts, but with an outside appearance of that of the established church. That major religious organization that had dominated the western world up to about four hundred years ago is known to those in the know as the brotherhood. And as long as the scientists of the day kept their story in line with the dictates of the brotherhood—that is in line with what the brotherhood had established as dogma—it was acceptable.

But not so long ago a new class of scientists emerged who threw off their shackles. In an age that was also questioning the basic tenets of man’s origins this new class was given over to free thought. They thought that by understanding the structure of the Universe they could eventually discover how it originated without the need to pay any attention to the notions of the brotherhood. They thought they could be free of the need for a Creator if they could show that the creation was only the product of itself—matter, energy and the laws of physics—nothing else.

Back in history

To understand this situation our journalist decided to look back into history to see what could be learned. He found that for a millennium in Europe there was this ruling elite, which we have called the brotherhood, and that it transcended all national boundaries. It ruled with almost absolute authority until around four hundred years ago. At that time a rebellion among its populace started leading away many of its adherents. It was and still is a religious-political organization that once had almost total political control of all of Europe. Through ecclesiastical laws and a religious edifice it operated to extract wealth and to subjugate the nations of Europe and many in the developing world. The method implemented worked because the elite claimed a direct exclusive channel to God and a total control over what and what would not send a soul to Hell. Payments were extracted—in the form of what were called indulgences—money paid to notionally move some poor soul a little higher away from the flames of Hell. The brotherhood played on fears of a person’s eternal destiny, that is, of burning in Hell’s fires, and through it, they dominated the world of their day. Most nations of Europe acquiesced to their supreme leader. Kings and princes put themselves under its rule.

Telescope used by Galileo

But in the 16th century things started to change. The telescope was invented and mankind studied the heavens more intently. However as long as the suggested cosmology of the day did not challenge the brotherhood’s established ruling dogma it was permitted. But when some “young Turks” arose who challenged the dogma, not from science, but from the very sacred writings that were used to establish control over the masses, war broke out. This was both spiritual and physical. Spiritual because you cannot enslave a man whose mind is free of bondage of their ecclesiastical dogmas, and physical because wealth and power are the substances for which those in political power always lust.

Those who challenged the religious establishment mostly were from within it. They became educated enough to read the Holy Scriptures themselves, which the brotherhood had controlled up to that time. The brotherhood even made it illegal for a private citizen to own or read a Bible and had large quantities burned and often the owners of them also.

Our journalist discovered that those who rebelled against the brotherhood had realized that the God they thought was found in the dictates of that ecclesiastical façade, wasn’t, but He had truly come to set man free of the bondage to his own fears and sins. Nothing was needed from man, in fact, there was nothing man could do to save himself from the fire. All that was needed was to trust in the living God. It seemed that this fact made the rebels untouchable because they did not fear what man could do to them.

As a result, what happened was a spiritual rebellion, where those who truly understood the mind of God realized that He had no part in the message dished out by the brotherhood. His message could be found by anyone who read the words of a poor Carpenter of Nazareth and His bunch of fishermen followers. Those rebels who followed Him we shall call the people of the Book in our story.

Darth Vader of Star Wars could symbolise this dark fraternity.

Battles raged, nations were lost and millions deserted the brotherhood’s control. So they reacted by forming a counter-revolution – a secret organization was formed. By digging into ancient documents our journalist discovered much about what we have called the dark fraternity. It was formed and led by one of the darkest souls imaginable and his disciples would swear an alliance to do anything in the furtherance of the goals of their elite rulers. He discovered that their methods included deception and murder. But probably it will never be known how deep the rabbit hole extends.

Their goals were to counter the revolution that caused the brotherhood to lose hundreds of millions of followers and with it power over much of its former area of control. The dark fraternity would work to get back the dominance that the elite once had but this time it wouldn’t even matter if those it got to follow even knew what they were following. Power politics was the ultimate goal. Largely this was lost when the populace realized they did not have the truth. The truth could be found in a book – the Bible – that anyone could read, once it was translated into their languages.

William Tyndale burned for translating the Bible

The people of the Book engaged in translation activities and that enraged the brotherhood even more. It caused many to lose their lives at the stake—burned for their desire to see the common man read the words of God. These translations really exploded with the invention of the printing press in the mid 1500’s but even more so it developed as more printers were given freedom to print in territory lost from the control of the brotherhood.

For the brotherhood to regain the power they had to get the world wondering after their dogma again. To this end, our journalist discovered, that the dark fraternity established educational institutions, schools and universities. These would be placed in all countries even those the brotherhood appeared not to control. The fraternity would enlisted the very best minds and write a scientific narrative that the world would accept. They reasoned that that which is told as being scientific will be accepted over that which is just a narration found in an ancient book.

The current situation

Now back again to where we left off. Our journalist needed to get to the bottom of who are the main players in this story and that is what led to his writing this account.

In the early 1900’s there were three groups in play. There was the dark fraternity still working in secret to gain control of the minds of the masses for the brotherhood. There were also the newly developing free thinkers who arose from the Enlightenment period where man thought he could think freely and quite separately from any prescribed philosophical or theological paradigm. They were those who were starting to develop their own story based on pure human reasoning alone. Our journalist just called them the guild. But neither the guild nor the brotherhood were interested in the real truth. Lastly there were those, from among the people of the Book, who had featured strongly in the three hundred years prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, who, by trusting in what the living God did say, made a major impact on the sciences of their day. Where were they by this time?

The general acceptance, in the early twentieth century, of Darwinian evolution had meant that the guild had started to gain the upper hand. Evolution meant no God and it became socially acceptable to be a “free thinker”.

So the dark fraternity adopted a similar approach so that the brotherhood could avoid losing more of their adherents and hence their source of wealth. They promoted every kind of free thought in philosophy and theology and the sciences. They looked to hold onto a narrative that was exclusively theirs. Yes, God created the Universe but He used natural causes, they would say. The earth is therefore billions of years old, and man evolved over billions of years from a succession of organisms in an upward progression from the slime. This could all be fitted into the biblical creation account they reasoned. More precisely the biblical account could be allegorised to make it fit with this developing so-called scientific story. Make it sound scholarly, educational and scientific and the masses with accept it, they decided. After all it is only a story that needs to be believed.

So the plan is to ‘bring back to the fold’ those who had been led away by the developing atheistic story of evolution over millions of years, a story that was heavily promoted by the guild at that time. This meant that the brotherhood could claw back the narrative that was being quickly lost around the time of Charles Darwin’s publication of his first book on evolution “On the Origin of the Species” in 1859.

The brotherhood’s educational institutions would be filled with the dark fraternity’s teachings, which were largely pagan in origin. Since the world was rushing headlong into the trap of believing that man could discover truth himself the fraternity needed to take advantage of that and mold the way ‘truth’ was disseminated to their advantage.

From their inception they reasoned that education was the key. But not Christ-centred learning as taught by the people of the Book, who based their teaching on the Bible alone. The fraternity long ago decided to employ man-centred gnostic learning. They would promote academic excellence and ‘finding God in all things through education and formation of the whole person’ would be their goal.

Convince someone that it is science and you will convince them that it is the truth. To that they added a made-up story of the origin of the Universe as if from the Bible and with the appropriate ecclesiastical blessings that convinced their membership in the global community that the scientific explanation was what the biblical account of origins had always meant, just that it took man to discover it.  But what is far more important is that their ecclesiastical masters in the brotherhood could continue to claim infallibility and that any misunderstanding of the story was due to a lack of education. Thus the dark fraternity would grow as it became an essential agency to combat the tiny remnant, in the people of the Book, who maintained that the biblical account of origins, as written in the book of beginnings, the Genesis account of the Bible, needed no re-interpretation.

Up to this point it was mostly about regaining the ground lost to the atheist camp, led by the guild, after the publication of Darwin’s atheistic new dogma. They would support the position that their God created man via the method Darwin outlined over the millions of years of Earth history, as the geologists insisted. Yet they would also maintain that without their God there could be no creation of the human soul. And souls count. Keeping the souls of the departed out of hellfire is what maintains the brotherhood’s coffers. Thus they could still hold power over the masses.

A big bang rewrites history

Now, because of the proliferation of education, there now was the rapid development, and acceptance by many followers of the guild, of the Greek cosmogony of a static eternal Universe, that the Universe itself was without a beginning or an end. This idea had been around for millennia but was gaining traction again. (Later, in the 1950’s this was quantified as the Steady State theory of Fred Hoyle, Herman Bondi and Thomas Gold.)

But our journalist discovered that in the 1920’s it was necessary to quickly get a story together that the Universe had a beginning to connect it with the Genesis account and keep a hold on the masses—at least through the belief that the creation story of the Universe has a need for a Creator. But it was needed also that this be shown through education and man’s knowledge.

By this time the dark fraternity had many institutions of higher learning and many scholars who had gained much acclaim among those in outside universities. Ironically often those universities that had once been foundered by the people of the Book. But time had taken its toll on them, who had lost the vision and some even now allied themselves with the enemy. The time was right for the next move, to inject a new paradigm, whereby the brotherhood could continue to claim authority over the masses.

There arose from the ranks of the dark fraternity a priest who was very familiar with the methods of the free thinking guild. He had studied the newly published works of the young patent clerk and found for himself a new story – a mathematical description of what he supposed described the state of the Universe at any epoch chosen. Unknown to him the competition had also found this and it was published by a young Russian atheist mathematician, but his life was cut short.

Fred Hoyle at the BBC

One of the learned brotherhood’s priests developed his theory of the Universe and published a paper (in 1927) describing his theory, which envisioned a universe with all galaxies moving away from all other galaxies.  Later (in 1931) the priest described it as exploding from a ‘Cosmic Egg’, which was like a giant primeval atom, which the galaxies of the Universe formed out of and that they expanded out from the initial explosion.  But it wasn’t until the 1949 that this was, in derision, called a ‘big bang’ on a BBC radio program by Fred Hoyle who was a member of the guild and opposed the idea.

The priest imagined a universe starting from a small point and expanding from that. By winding time backward one could imagine that all points would come to a common point at a finite time in the past and this he reasoned must mean that the Universe had a beginning in time—hence a creation at a moment in the past. The priest used only human reasoning and mathematics. There was no need to assume what the people of the Book said was true. Man could answer these important questions; there is no need to rely on the written words of the Man from Nazareth. All that was needed to be retained was that God ignited the fuse that caused the explosion, and the rest, well, that was just natural processes.

Much later in 1951 the godlike leader of the brotherhood declared at the opening meeting of their Academy of Sciences that the priest’s big bang theory was not in conflict with the brotherhood’s theology on creation. And it is interesting that in 1981, about 50 years after the key moments in our story, at a conference on the big bang, held on grounds of the brotherhood’s establishment, one of the guild’s leading atheist cosmologists presented his theory of why God wasn’t needed in the big bang origin of the Universe.

Recapping then. In the events that transpired, the dark fraternity was still in the running. The atheists tried to steal the authority but the brotherhood held their ground. The key years of our story are 1927 to 1929. The priest had published in 1927 and he had shown not only the theory but also he published a test of his theory against observational data.

Unfortunately he had published his paper in the French language, so when it came time to publish an English translation of his paper it was meticulously censored and all discussions of the radial expansion velocities and the distances to observed galaxies were deleted. The priest had published the very first empirical determination of the now very famous parameter “H”, an important number in the big bang origin’s theory, but it was omitted in the later English translation.

The atheists could not have liked that one of the brotherhood was gaining the upper hand so they censored hard in an effort to prevent this. Full two years later in 1929 an atheist astronomer and member of the guild published his findings, after much backroom dealing. He was given all the credit and acclaim. He was even considered for the Nobel Prize but that wouldn’t happen as it was against the rules then.


For most of time the God-fearing world believed that the Genesis account of origins was true history but now the atheists have convinced most of the world, even the believers, that that is wrong. They say that we evolved from pond scum over billions of years through a gradual process – something Darwin imagined. Supposedly this has given the biblical account a more scientific reinterpretation. We are told it is all in the genes and that there is no process guiding it. The brotherhood would claim they agree except that the process is guided by God. They also claim that the same guiding Creator is the one who started off the initial explosion of the Universe in a big bang. And by introducing a ‘scientific’ theory with the Universe beginning 13.8 billion years ago, using that priest’s assumptions and mathematics, the dark fraternity managed to foist on the world a pagan notion that the Universe was all there was—there is nothing else. God is imagined in the background, superintending souls out of Hell, but He is not involved in any creation process since the big bang explosion.

The conspiracy is this. The purpose of the big bang story that the brotherhood introduced to the world through one of its priests was, to all intents and purposes, to show that there was no need to believe the Genesis creation account, as written in the Bible, but instead to put oneself under the authority of the brotherhood. They had the truth! They determined it by man’s efforts, using only science and mathematics. There is no need to trust in the written words of the Carpenter because the brotherhood have solved all your problems for you. “Come back to us!” This is what the dark fraternity wants you to do and has been busy, working behind closed doors, to effect. Their message is, don’t run after the atheistic teaching of the guild but stay a good member of the community overseen by the brotherhood.

Is it the real truth? No. Truth is and never was a particularly important part of the dark fraternity’s agenda. Their agenda has been only about undoing the effects of the rebellion originally led by the people of the Book, and by any means necessary. But even the people of the Book have largely lost the vision, and often then could not see and now still cannot see through the deception of the dark fraternity. The dark fraternity plays the long game, which is ultimately only the preservation of their community.

The guild has also been very successful and the big bang story suited their agenda except for that detail of the origin in time. So that origin in time was firmly placed on their agenda, that is, to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Their leading operative has been working on that and occasionally announces progress towards an eternal universe or one that created itself at least. Thus you can see the tension that would develop between these two groups. The third much smaller ragtag collection of the few that remain of the people of the Book is hardly even noticed nowadays. As a result the world has swallowed a very big lie.


The journalist’s story is not yet complete. To finish it, it will take intervention by the Creator to turn the world upside down and to set things right again.

He promised He would come again and He will judge all mankind, sifting the wheat (the believers) from the tares (the unbelievers). The workers of darkness will be cast into the lake of fire while those who truly believe and follow in the way of Master will enter into His eternal presence.

By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.