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Hundreds of Medical Professionals Speak Out on Medscape Forum Warning about Dangers of COVID Injections

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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The website Medscape put up a forum in February of this year for medical professionals to discuss their expectations and concerns about the new COVID-19 injections.

I spent over an hour today reading through all these comments.

There are both positive comments towards the shots and negative comments. This is the kind of dialog that should have been happening in a public forum on a much larger scale from the beginning, but of course that was never the plan, to monitor the execution of the emergency use authorization of these shots to determine if they were safe.

The plan all along was to inject as many people as possible, irregardless of the cost on human life, because the Globalists at the top want to reduce and control the world’s population anyway. And this product, which is now known to be a bioweapon, is their ticket to the future to achieve those goals.

In the first month or so of the comments that started in February, I would guess the negative comments were about twice as many as the positive ones, with most of the positive comments being medical professionals just restating the CDC and FDA talking points that were in the corporate media.

However, as time went on, with many of these medical professionals suffering from the injections, the ratio becomes more like 10 to 1 negative against positive.

These medical professionals have all the same concerns and questions as do the general public, many expressing exasperation over not being able to find anyone to help or treat their disabilities after receiving the injections.

Some were relieved to find this forum, as they felt so alone and so ostracized by their medical peers, and many are now suffering symptoms even if they did not receive the shots, just from being around those who have.

Here are some selected reports.

Dr. Ivan Iriarte

I am extremely concerned that this “vaccine” is being promoted to the point of coercion to the general population as “safe and effective”. People are not being informed adequately about the status of EUA and the concerns of many experts about the mRNA technology. The events reported in VAERS should be of great concern. Reports of myocarditis in the young, including the increased incidence reported in Israel, are also very worrisome. This vaccine, if offered at all, should be given only to adults at high risk of COVID, only voluntarily, and only with full disclosure of information.


Hi. I am so grateful I discovered this forum. I am a 45 year old female, living in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, working in Health administration. On the 5th of June, 2021, I was scheduled to receive the 1st dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I canceled the appointment and I am not planning to get vaccinated anytime soon. When I told my 72 year old mum about it – she has received both doses of Pfizer – she hung up on me. Since then, she has stopped talking to me and waged a full-fledged psychological war against me. Now, our only communication are some emails I get from her with articles outlining how effective the vaccines are and how bad Greece has been hit by coronavirus. I have seasonal allergies and at work, unfortunately for me, I started sneezing. A much younger colleague of mine – 33 years of age, female – totally freaked out and even told me that her three children will get sick with covid because of me! The management sent me home with the implicit order to get tested even though I had done a self test the same morning which returned negative. I went for a rapid test which – thankfully – returned negative but until then, I was so embarrassed and so worried I cannot really put into words how bad I felt. Had the rapid test returned not negative they would have tried me for attempted manslaughter! The psychological pressure I feel at home and at work is almost unbearable.

Gabrielle Traub

I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences as this isn’t being discussed anywhere else. I have had numerous patients report adverse events ranging from tachycardia, syncope, rheumatism, cognitive decline, brain fog, long lasting fatigue, menstrual disturbances, unilateral leg swelling, systemic inflammation, severe infections (such as severe flu days after the vaccine and needing to go to ER). I strongly recommend patients get their antibodies tested before getting vaccinated to assess whether there may have had prior infection.

Sally platt

As a nurse, I’m extremely concerned about adverse events related to the experimental biologic agent that’s being passed off as a vaccine. I have chosen to rely on my immune system, kept strong with a healthy lifestyle, rather than a shot; however, I worry about being around others who have taken the shot. A few days ago after spending 3 hrs at a meeting in very close proximity with 9 other people who’d had the shot, I became so nauseous and dizzy and developed such a severe migraine headache that I was almost afraid to drive home. Since then, I’ve been unable to shake the dizziness, unusual level of fatigue, congestion, and the feeling of constantly being off balance. That kind of suspected adverse event isn’t reportable, but it’s very real.

Dr. Rachel Leigh Bell

I’ve had the same dizziness and nausea every time I’m around a vaccinated person. It started in January when my aunt who was vaccinated visited the same day. I got a full body rash & severe body aches for days after consoling her while she cried after my uncle died (not vaccine related). I’ve also had irregular periods since then. The first one was for almost two weeks then I got two periods a month for two months. It’s so unbearable that I ask everyone the vaccine status before seeing them. I’ve begun to feel like a metal (vaccinated) detector. I’m also nursing a toddler & did throughout the ordeal. He developed a minor cold like illness with no fever & an unproductive cough; general malaise. I really hope the real science gets done & there are no lasting effects for myself or by young son. I am also trying for another baby.

Susan McVey

I’m going to try posting again. For some reason my first post was deleted by the moderators.

Since the Spike Protein is what enhances the human binding of SARS-COV2 and produces the known vascular and neurologic sequelae of SARS-COV2 (“COVID”) infection, why would it ever be a good idea to try to get the human body to produce the Spike Protein?!?! The Salk Institute for Biological Studies released a study demonstrating that the Spike protein, independent of the virus SARS-COV2, still caused vascular endothelial damage and passed the blood brain barrier. The structure of the protein also has prion-like molecules that contribute to the neurologic symptoms seen in those with “COVID”.

Why would anyone want their body to produce this protein???

Over 5,000 deaths have been reported to VAERS, of those 3503 have occurred within 14 days of vaccination. I have read hundreds of these reports, the majority of which have been submitted by ER, ICU, PCPs, SNFs, and pharmacies, not by anonymous consumers, as the MSM and CDC would like you to believe.

I have noticed a high incidence of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathies, DVTs, PE showers, CVA, Brain bleed, and sudden multisystem organ failure due to widespread microvascular infarcts. Seizures and encephalitis have also been a common theme in the reports that I have read. I have also noted some 5% to 10% correlations of death with certain medications and chronic conditions within the VAERS reports.

In the 1970s during the Swine Flu vaccine campaign, after 58 people experienced Guillian-Barre syndrome, including 1 death, the vaccine campaign was HALTED. What is really happening here?

Among the VAERS reports, can be found a reports regarding a 5 month old breastfed infant, who had no underlying medical conditions, and who died from Thrombocytic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (TTP) 2 days after his mother received her second mRNA shot.

The spike protein was the confounding factor of “COVID”, that caused the cytokine storm, Why are we injecting the Spike Protein or providing mRNA to force our cells to make it?

And why the push? the incentives? when it is still under EUA? Why would there be an urgent need for a vaccine solution with efficacy estimates of 80-95% when the natural immunity of the body provides a survival rate of >99% ?

Nothing about this pandemic has been “by the book”. I was in practice during the SARS outbreak (SARS-COV1) and all of the hospitals in the State developed Pandemic Plans. All of these plans were discard and nothing that had been planned for happened per the Pandemic Plans. Why?

Dr. cassandra balomiri

I’m asking myself when this all have an end? Two weeks after Astra Zeneca i woke up with dizziness…it was rather oscillopsia, permanently as i moved. Then one week later i developed paresthesia…first the right part of my face, then alway a different pattern, i just woke up in the morning with both arms tingling/ 2 arms and a leg/ just a leg or an arm/ just a few fingers…for a short period of time ( like 2 days) i also had visual problems…then just weird feelings in my limbs, like some sort of mild numbness, always alterning the link and right side of the body…i just could not belive it…not to mention that my heart rate was about 120/min like weeks ( i admit it could have been caused by all that anxiety which come after i developed those neurologic issues).

I have been to ORL, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Eye MD… had a lot of blood samples ( looking for causes for paresthesia), MRI Head and Neck, nerve conduction study ( thought could be MS)…all clear ( just some vit D deficiency)…after a few weeks ( 6-8) it started getting better, now the dizziness is gone, i wake up sometimes with 2-3 fingers tingling….but i started developing muscle twitches…just horribe…i twitch in different parts of the body, mostly back, shoulders and legs…been twitching for 4 weeks now…I took an emg, everything normal. The Paul Ehrlich Institute was informed ( Germany). I’m not against vaccines but this was the most horrible experience of my life…and is not over yet…i hope twitches won’t last too much….

cynthia mcmahan

Have suffered severe side effects

Many of them are neurological. Severe neuropathic pain, fatigue, headaches, tingling all over, tinnitus, dizziness, etc. Afraid my life is ruined. Flat on my back in pain for almost 3 weeks since 1st Pfizer vaccine.

And I forgot the nausea and blood pressure spikes up to 190 0ver 101. My blood pressure is normally quite low.

lisa manning

I am experiencing all of these symptoms too. It’s been 4 weeks. I haven’t been able to get anyone to figure out what’s going on.

Melissa Johnson

@cynthia mcmahan i got the J and J at the end of march and had pain in my spine and then neuropathy ever since. Getting some major tests done. Worried about CIDP

tom pecora

@cynthia mcmahan I HAVE THE SAME , 1st shot March 18 2021 2nd shot April 8 2021 Leg increasing weakness Muscular pain, joint pain in shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands/fingers. Nerupothy feet intense pain , both knees , tendon pain , legs & arms .

Tried steroids from my ortho it worked But make my sugar too high ( I’m Diabetic 2 ) , it wore off so now I have to TAKE 600MG TO 800MG ADVILS JUST TO FUNCTION . The Steroids wore off so I’m back to all the Pains

I am concerned about Advil over Long term and again NO doctors came give me a Reason ?? even went to the ER and they had No Answers

Wish I could get this over with ,, I too reported to Vsafe , expect to hear nothing back , it’s still going on pain level is 10-11

Dr. Elizabeth Bollenbacher

Very concerned. After getting Pfizer vaccine, I had a spontaneous nose bleed & gross hematuria 2 weeks before suddenly going completely deaf in 1 ear, then had a spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhage 2 days after. I am worried about what comes next.

Dr. danice hertz

I myself have been seriously injured by the Pfizer Covid vaccine. 30 minutes after receiving it, I developed severe burning in my face, dizziness and a very high spike in blood pressure. For the past nine weeks, I have had severe paresthesias in my face, tongue, chest wall and limbs as well as dizziness, headaches, tremor and weakness. I am incapacitated and fear that I will not recover. I have been unable to find physicians in the community who know anything about this or how to treat me. I have reached out to the top people at the FDA, CDC and NIH. They admit that they are fully aware of these neurological reactions and are looking into them. Why are they not being publicized? It makes it very difficult for people like me to get medical care. I have been contacted by many people who have read comments I have made in various publications who have experienced similar reactions to the vaccines. It is time that these reactions be validated and studied so that people like me can be treated appropriately.

Jarfa Wabs

@Dr. danice Hertz

I am on week 4 post 2nd Pfizer shot and I have the same exact symptoms as you. Sensory polyneuropathy. After the first shot, my face, left arm, scalp were numb and on fire. The nerves were going nuts. This continued onto my legs and arms and mouth, chest wall etc. I also had shortness of breath by week 2. And 4 hours post second shot, I couldn’t walk, my left leg went numb and this landed me in ER. Unfortunately no one could help me. I have been to the ER 4 times since. Seen by neurologist, cardiologist, and this week pulmonologist. They are all guessing it is what you described above. I am very worried as my voice keeps changing and goes away and comes back. My breathing is still not normal. I have blurry vision most of the time and eye pain in my left eye. I have burning down my spine and inside my head. I can’t even wash my hands with hot water or blow dry my hair. It feels like my whole body is on fire. The shortness of breath barely lets me sleep. Going to a pulmonologist to get a lung function test. I am also in a few Facebook groups with people with our exact symptoms. How can we bring this to the public or at least do more research for people like us? They have even reached out to local news channels with no response. We have all reported it to VAERS and Pfizer with no response. I can’t keep going at this rate. I am psychotherapist and I am on video helping people all day and I have to keep checking in the video box to see if I am having Bell’s Palsy because I can feel my left side of my face getting weak! I have two little ones under 10 who are deeply affected by the pandemic and now they have to see their mom struggling like this and not sure how long these symptoms will last… I am devastated. My family hasn’t left the house in over a year practically and my husband and I were just trying to do the right thing by getting vaccinated and now this… can you help in any way get more attention to this matter? I would appreciate any words of wisdom please. 

Dr. Kathleen Meunier

My concern is the possibility noted in many medical articles of the theoretical possibility the mRNA vaccine might have serious consequences such as autoimmune disease years after inoculation. I have autoimmune disease. It can have a hige impact on quality of life. I find it unethical the public is not really candidly informed and therefore cannot make an informed decision. Statements to the media are carefully couched to mislead the reader to drawing an inaccurate but reassuring conclusion. Such as saying the vaccine prevents illness with 95% efficacy (meaning symptoms), knowing the majority will and did think the statement meant the vaccine prevents 95% of infections. It is unethical. It is a violation of trust. I believe in the value of vaccines. I also believe deliberately misleading people is wrong. The end does not justify the means.

Read all the comments at Medscape.

By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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