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Dr Zelenko: War Against God

This is amazing and very very powerful! You have got to watch this!

Below is a Bitchute video titled “Trumps Doctor Vladimir Zelenko Talks To Israeli Politicians and Health Minister About Vaccine”. It is absolutely dynamite!

Dr Vladimir Zelenko

Dr Zelenko pioneered the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc in what is called the Zelenko protocol. He has personally overseen the healing from COVID of 6000 patients and indirectly millions. His protocol works. Here he discusses the reasons why Israel and other countries have banned the use of life saving treatments for COVID-19.

He does not hold back. He calls the virus a bioweapon (which it is) and the vaxxines death shots designed for mass a global genocide that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. “This is a war against God!” It could lead to as many as 2 billion deaths worldwide if everyone is COVID vaxxed with the death shots.

He calls out the demon leaders of Israel and the US. He calls those in the satanic cabal, “child sacrificers” who are now pushing on Israel another holocaust. He says Israel should see that this is happening. It is the one country in the world that should see and understand the eugenic program (uber menchen, unter menchen) that started under the Nazis in Germany.

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Interviewer’s introduction: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko is a Board Certified family physician for over 20 years. He has been described by his patients as a family member to thousands of families, and he’s a medical advisor to the volunteer ambulance courts in Kiryas Joel, New York. Dr. Zelenko developed and is now famous for the Zelenko Protocol, which has saved countless lives worldwide. So welcome Dr. Zelenko. Thank you for joining us. And I would like you to comment on our subject, please.

Dr. Zelenko: Thank you so much for having me. Can you hear me?

Interviewer: Yes, loud and clear.

Dr. Zelenko: So I’ll just give you quickly my experience, my team has directly treated successfully 6000 patients. I’ve trained hundreds of physicians who are now training their students. And as a cumulative group, we’ve treated millions of patients successfully. President Trump was my patient, Rudy Giuliani was my patient, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky has been my patient, Mr. (Yaakov) Litzman your health minister of Israel, last year, was my patient. I’m just telling you, which people have contacted me for care, including President (Jair) Bolsonaro of Brazil.

Now, my experience has given me a very unique perspective in approaching COVID-19, which is basically keeping people out of the hospital. I would like to describe, regarding children, the only reason you would want to treat a child is if you believe in child sacrifice, or even [garbled] if you want [garbled], like a [garbled], there are very good reasons to give them a shot. Otherwise, there’s no necessity.

Let me explain. Any time you evaluate any therapeutic, you need to look at it from three perspectives. Is it safe? Does it work? And do you need it? Just because you have a capability doesn’t mean that you have to use it. It has to be a medical necessity, there has to be a need for it. You look at the CDC, the statistics for children under the age of 18 that are healthy, the survival rate is 99.998% – survival rate with no treatment, just like Dr. Yeadon said, the influenza virus is more dangerous to children than COVID-19. And he made an estimate that per million, 100 children would die from vaccination. I feel the number would be significantly higher. And I’ll explain to you the rationale for it.

So if you have a demographic, can you hear me? If you have a demographic that has no risk of dying from an illness, why would you inject them with a poison death shot?

Now, let’s see if this thing works. Two countries in the world that have most vaccinated its citizens is Israel, with a high 85% rate of vaccination, and an island nation in the Indian Ocean called Seychelles, also over 80%. Both countries are experiencing a Delta variant outbreak. So let me ask you a question. If you vaccinated the majority of your population, why are you still having an outbreak? That’s number one. Number two, why would you even give a third shot of the same stuff that didn’t work the first two times? That’s whether or not it works.

And let’s talk about safety. Now, this is the real issue. There are three levels of safety toward death that we need to look at. One is acute, one is sub-acute and long-term. Acute, I’ll define from the moment of injection to three months. The number one risk of the shot is blood clots, just like Dr. Yeadon said, according to the Salk Institute, oh, by the way, everything I’m saying I will defend with documentation. And please don’t take my word for it, you should do your due diligence. And I can provide to you, proof of everything that I’m saying.

According to the Salk Institute, when a person gets an injection of these “vaccines”, the body becomes a spike producing factory, making trillions of spikes which migrate to the endothelium, which is the inner lining of your blood vessels, and it’s basically little thorns on the inside of your vasculature. As the blood cells flow through it, they get damaged, they cause blood clots. If that happens in the heart, that’s a heart attack, if that happens in the brain, that’s a stroke. So we’re seeing the number one cause of death in the short term is from blood clots. And most of it is happening within the first three, four days. And 40% is happening within the first three days of injection of this poison death shot.

Now, the other problem is that it’s causing myocarditis or inflammation in the hearts of children, young adults, I’m sorry, in the hearts of young adults.

And the third problem, which is the most disturbing, is according to the New England Journal of Medicine (JAMA) article, their preliminary data, the miscarriage rate, and the first trimester woman gets vaccinated, the first trimester goes from 10% to 80%. I want you to understand what I just said. The miscarriage rate in the first trimester of pregnant women, when they get vaccinated, goes up by a factor of eight. That’s preliminary data, it may change with time, but I’m just telling you what it is as of today. That’s the smallest of the problem.

The second problem is the sub-acute death issue, which is the following, that the animal studies that were done with these vaccines showed that all the animals responded well, in generating antibodies. When they were challenged, however, with the virus that they were immunized against, a large percentage of them died. And when that was investigated, it was found that their immune system had killed them. It’s called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), or pathogenic priming, or paradoxical immune enhancement. But the point is that a lot of those animals died. So you can make an argument maybe human beings are different. My answer to you, maybe. However, those studies were not done. You are the study right now, the Pfizer CEO said, Israel is the biggest laboratory in the world. And so those long-term studies to rule out that, Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV, said that this is the biggest risk to humanity, and the biggest risk of genocide in the history of humanity. And so the risk of a ADE reaction in human beings, which happens later, has not been ruled out. So my question is, why would I vaccinate someone with a potentially destructive lethal substance without ruling that out first.

And the third component here is the long-term consequences. There is definite evidence that it affects fertility. damages ovarian function, that and reduces sperm counts. Number one, number two, definitely increases the amount of autoimmune diseases. Who knows over time, how that is going to reduce lifespan. And just last week, a paper came out showing that increases the risk of cancer.

Any way you want to look at it, whether it’s an acute setting, where it causes blood clots, inflammation of the heart, and miscarriages, in the midterm, sub-acute setting where it can result in a pathological disastrous immune reaction, or in the long term, whether it causes autoimmune diseases, cancer, and infertility. Now, that’s a big concern. Actually, I will say it this way. In my opinion, a current Israeli government is as guilty as Josef Mengele. They have permitted, they’ve committed human experimentation on their own people.

And, I’m going to tell you, I hope, I hope this space does a little different. Maybe not. But I know I finally understood what I’ll say that if you take sort of some close role, you should look at the ??? role in the sector sharpest. [Cannot understand this sentence.] That if you see trouble in the Jewish people, you should look at the rabbinic leadership because if the head is diseased, what do you expect of the body? I beg this base (??) to put the interest of Israel above politics, and anything else that may alter your opinions. I receive daily death threats. I risk my life, my career, my financial life, my reputation, almost my family, everything, just to sit here and tell you what I’m doing.

So I’ll just summarize that there is no need for this vaccine. And there’s actually no need for anyone and I’ll explain. Children I already told you that they have a 99.998% chance of getting better. The young adults from 18 to 45 have a 99.95% of getting better, just according to the CDC, same concept. Someone who has already COVID that has antibodies, naturally, induced immunity is a billion times more effective than artificially induced immunity through a vaccine. So why would I vaccinate someone with a poison death shot that makes inferior or dangerous antibodies when I already have healthy antibodies? And then if you look at the high-risk population that has a 7.5% death rate, so my data, which was the first in the world, which I published in a peer-reviewed journal, which has become the basis of over 200 other studies, and that have corroborated my observations that, if you treat people in the right time frame, you reduce the death rate by 85%. So out of 600,000, Americans, we could have prevented 510,000, from going to the hospital and dying.

And by the way, I presented this information to Bibi Netanyahu directly into his hands by way of a schaliah in April of 2020. And I informed every single member of your Ministry of Health as well. So my question to you is,
if I can reduce the death rate from 7.5% to less than a half a percent, why would I use a poison death shot that doesn’t work, and has tremendous and horrific side effects?

I’ll do one more mind experiment with you. If everyone on the planet were to get COVID and not get treated, the death rates globally, will be less than a half a percent. Now, I’m not advocating for that that’s a lot of people, that’s 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the “global leaders”, let’s say like Bill Gates said, last year, 7 billion people need to be vaccinated, the death rate will be over 2 billion people.

So wake up! This is world war three. This is a level of malfeasance and malevolence that we have not seen, probably in the history of humanity.

So I’m against child sacrifice. I’m against [Hebrew word?]. And I really believe that God is testing every human being here. And here’s the test.

Are you going to bow down to me, HaShem [God]? Are you going to ask protection from Me? Are you going to take your fears, and ask Me to help? Or are you going to run to the other czar of the vaccine of your governments, of despots and tyrants, like sociopaths, who want to be deities! There’s nothing new under the sun. These people are no different than pero (??). They think they’re God. And you’re going to bow down to them. If you’re going about down to them, that’s okay. Let them protect you. Let’s see how that’s going to work out for you.

I’m seeing fear drive people to do things that are completely irrational, do not make sense and they sacrifice their own children. And yes, your ministry of elders is lying to you. Your statistics are absolutely skewed. If you want to see something real, there’s a website called Go to Israel. And you can see at December 20, there’s a huge spike in the curve of deaths in Israel. Do you know what happened in Israel December 20th.? National
immunization started. And these are numbers being reported by the Israeli government. They’re just too stupid to hide it. There is zero justification, zero justification for using this poison death shot unless you want to sacrifice human beings.

I think I’m done.

Interviewer: After these words, the fact I don’t think you can ever say you’re done. I very much I appreciate your time and effort. Very, definite and very clear. We appreciate that.

Dr. Zelenko: Do you have any question?.

Interviewer: I have many questions. But just as 2 billion would pass out if you gave 7 billion the shot according to what the doctor said, correct?

Dr. Zelenko: Not according to what I said, according to what world experts are saying. That….If you look at Dr. Malone, who invented the mRNA technology, has the original patent for the vaccine. He’s saying, “Do not use this. The government is lying to you. The side effects are horrific. ” Dr. Cahill from Ireland said that, she believes within two years 90% of the people that got vaccinated will be dead. When Dr. Michael Yeadon – I hope he can confirm, I hope he’s still there – was asked that question, he said, “you wouldn’t go that far”. So I don’t know. Maybe it’s not 90%. What is the percentage? And maybe it’s not two years, maybe it’s three years. And Dr. Luc Montagnier, who is the Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of HIV, saying this is the biggest risk of genocide in the history of man.

[16 minutes transcribed]

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Thank you so much for posting this video. This is absolutely the best video regarding this I’ve seen. No one can dispute this Doctor’s credentials or his success in treatments for COVID-19. I am sending this to everyone I know. If people don’t wake up after this then I don’t see any hope for them.


Tom, I totally agree. It is probably the best testimony of any of the doctors who have spoken out against the plandemic and the bioweapon vaxxines. Zelenko’s treatment options show there is no medical emergency, never was, regardless of what COVID-19 is caused by. As he says, in the video, those hundreds of thousands in the US died needlessly without proper treatment (with IVM or HCQ).


Thanks a lot for all your precious work, Dr. Hartnett!

Doctors Yeadon, Ruby and McCullough also could speak to the top rabbinical court, says

I very much hope that in Israel – the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer’s Albert Bourla – a rethink will now take place very quickly, that the population will no longer allow itself to be bullied, and this will then have a positive effect on all other nations.

Best greetings from Hanna


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