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Australia: Will We Comply with Unlawful Rules?

Australia, non-compliance may be the only way out of this. We cannot comply with the illegal actions of governments, whether state or federal. Civil disobedience may be the only way out of this.

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Disclaimer: However I am not suggesting that anybody break the laws of your state or this country, laws that have been lawfully legislated by parliament.

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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Charlton Heston gave a great speech to the Harvard Law School in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1999 called “Winning the Cultural War”. In it, he advocated non-violent disobedience to tyrannical laws that violate our common sense, morals, and principles. A quote from the speech:

“You simply … disobey. Peaceably, yes. Respectfully, of course. Nonviolently, absolutely. But when told how to think or what to say or how to behave, we don’t. We disobey social protocol that stifles and stigmatizes personal freedom.”

The entire speech is on

I agree with him. For the police in Australia to be forcing children to be vaccinated is child abuse and nothing short of outrageous! May the Australian public rise up against tyranny in a non-violent way!

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I’ve been left jobless over thus festive period because I believe in our right to REAL freedom and hope someone can advise me on a good class action to join to fight mandates on constitutional grounds


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