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Freedom Rally Perth Western Australia October 16th

I spoke at the Freedom Rally Oct 16th 2021 in Forrest Place Perth Western Australia

Based on the above calculation there were about 12,000 people protesting at the Freedom Rally on Saturday in Perth. The AUSTRALIANS UNITE AGAINST TYRANNY RALLY was organised by the West Australian Peacemakers.

I spoke to this crowd after Prof. Augusto Zimmermann, who gave a very passionate speech

Available on YouTube, on my Bitchute channel and on my Brighteon channel.

Transcript of my speech

Crimes against Humanity

The current plandemic was produced and perpetuated by the deep state establishment, through the use of a virus engineered in a PLA-connected Chinese biowarfare laboratory, with the aid of American taxpayer dollars and French expertise.

This research was conducted under the absolutely ridiculous euphemism of “gain-of-function” research, which is supposedly carried out in order to determine which viruses have the highest potential for zoonotic spillover and to preemptively vaccinate or guard against them.

Gain-of-function/gain-of-threat research, a.k.a. “Dual-Use Research of Concern”, is bioweapon research by another, friendlier-sounding name, simply to avoid the taboo of calling it what it actually is. It has always been bioweapon research. The people who are conducting this research fully understand that they are taking wild pathogens that are not infectious in humans and making them more infectious, often taking grants from military think tanks encouraging them to do so.

These virologists conducting this type of research are enemies of their fellow man, like pyromaniac firefighters. Gain-of-function research has never protected anyone from any pandemic. In fact, it has now started one, meaning its utility for preventing pandemics is actually negative. It should have been banned globally, and the lunatics performing it should have been put in straitjackets and sent to the asylum a long time ago.

Either through a leak or an intentional release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a SARS strain, deadly to the aged and infirm, is now endemic across the globe, after the WHO and CDC and public officials first downplayed the risks, and then intentionally incited a panic and lockdowns that jeopardized people’s health and their livelihoods.

The pandemic response was planned years ago; all they needed was an excuse. They failed with the earlier efforts like with so-called epidemics of H1N1, MERS and first SARS but this one they could not let go to waste.

This was then used by the utterly depraved and psychopathic Luciferian rich and powerful, who rule over us, as an excuse to coerce people into accepting an injected poison which looks like a depopulation agent, a mind control/pacification agent in the form of injectable “smart dust”, or both in one.

They believe they can get away with this by weaponizing the social stigma of vaccine refusal, creating a new class of the unvaxxinated.

Their motives are clear and obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. These megalomaniacs have raided the pension funds of the free world. Wall Street is insolvent and has had an ongoing liquidity crisis since the end of 2019.  

The aim now is to exert total, full-spectrum physical, mental, and financial control over humanity before we realize just how badly we’ve been extorted by these maniacs.

They plan total control over those who survive the mass extinction over the next 4 years from these bioweapons called vaccines, in addition to the culling through engineered wars, engineered starvation and more engineered diseases. All this started in 2020 with a goal of 95% depopulation of the world by 2025.

This will mean digital identity for all—it will keep all your personal and health records as well control all your finances in a cashless society. It will mean total surveillance and the loss of all bodily autonomy. You will have no freedom but you will relegated to a form of serfdom, if they can get away with it.

The pandemic and its response served multiple purposes for the globalists:

  • Concealing a financial depression brought on by the usurious plunder of our economies conducted by rentier-capitalists and absentee owners who produce absolutely nothing of any value to society whatsoever. Then these globalists and their stooges got to stand up on television and paint themselves as wise and all-powerful saviours instead of the marauding cabal of despicable land pirates that they are.
  • Destroying small businesses and eroding the middle class.
  • Transferring trillions of dollars of wealth from the middle class into the pockets of billionaires and special interests.
  • Engaging in insider trading, buying stock in biotech companies and shorting brick-and-mortar businesses and travel companies, with the aim of collapsing face-to-face commerce and tourism and replacing it with e-commerce and servitization. That is, modern slavery.
  • Creating a trigger for war with China, encouraging us to attack them, wasting our lives and treasure and driving us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon.
  • Establishing technological and biosecurity frameworks (e.g. Vaccine Passports and Digital Identities) for population control and technocratic-socialist “smart cities” where everyone’s movements are despotically tracked, all in anticipation of widespread automation, joblessness, and food shortages, by using the false guise of a vaccine to compel cooperation.

Any one of these things would constitute a vicious rape of Western society. Taken together, they beggar belief; they are a complete inversion of our most treasured values. It would have to be the biggest crime ever committed on mankind. What is the purpose of all of this? To establish their satanic one world government and cashless society in their New World Order.

The globalists are trying to erase upward mobility for large segments of the population, cull political opponents and other “undesirables”, like Nazi Germany eliminated those considered “life not worthy of life”; put the remainder of humanity on a tight leash, rationing our access to certain goods and services that they have deemed “high-impact”, such as automobile use, tourism, meat consumption, and so on. Naturally, they will continue to have their own luxuries, as part of a strict caste system akin to feudalism, just like we saw in the movie series “Hunger Games”. We see this now already – one rule for them and another rule for us. Why aren’t judges and politicians compelled to get vaxxed if the rest of the population are?

Why are they doing this? Simple. The globalists are Neo-Malthusians and believe that we are overpopulated and that resource depletion will collapse civilization in a matter of a few short decades.

I personally saw the early planning stages of this. I attended the Club of Rome meeting at Flinders University in 1972 where the globalist plan was discussed to reduce the world population and reduce the demand on the world’s resources. That is, to save the planet for themselves.

Even if the planet is overpopulated, and we are consuming too many resources, orchestrating such a gruesome and murderous power grab in response to a looming crisis demonstrates that they have nothing but the utmost contempt for their fellow man.

To those who are participating in this disgusting farce without any understanding of what they are doing, we have one word for you. Stop. You are causing irreparable harm to your country and to your fellow citizens. And this applies to most countries around the world.

To those who may hear this warning and have full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing and how it will unjustly harm millions of innocent people, I have one thing to say to you who are committing these crimes.

God will damn you to hell. You will not succeed in destroying our freedoms. You will not have your New World Order. Your Great Reset will fail.  We will make certain of that. We have God on our side and He has already told us that He wins in the end. You cannot defeat God.

To the rest of us who are victims in this crime, I say, do not lose hope. You have the Creator of the Universe on your side. We may suffer for a little while but God has told us that He will defeat all evil and send the perpetrators into hell. Be reassured

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

Don’t let fear rule your life! You are indeed free! That freedom was given you by the Living God not by earthly rulers. Just put your trust in His Son Jesus Christ and no Luciferian dictator can hurt you. Jesus was crucified on a cross but rose again three days later in victory. Death could not defeat Him.

As a result you can have your own personal Great Reset which no politician can take from you. Don’t take the mark of the beast (Satan) but take the mark of God. It is one or the other. This is the stand we need to take to win this! But it may cost you your life!

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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Good on you, John! As Daniel reminds us in the book of Daniel Chapt. 2, kingdoms and (cabals) will come and all go. In fact one day they will finally be reduced to as much as chaff that will simply blow away and leave no trace that they have ever existed, But there will be one kingdom, and one kingdom only: God’s Kingdom, that will last for ever and ever. This Kingdom appears like a rock, which is cut out of a mountain not with human hands but by the supernatural, by the very hand of God. It is this kingdom that will smash and obliterate all kingdoms. The king of tis kingdom is the Lord Jesus.


Thank you to post this as almost no updates have been published anywhere, except on exclusive groups maybe like telegram.

But why don’t they promote and advertise their protests is a mystery. I can understand the secrecy before the event, but after, why not sharing massively?

If you have photos/videos updates from the othe rrallies (Melbourne,Brisbane, Adelaide) please do not hesitate to share.

Thanks again, we will spread the word


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