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More Medical Staff report COVID Injection Injuries on Medscape

This is a continuation of this post reporting on the comments of medical staff on the Medscape forum.

I have a patient who developed cranial nerve 3 palsy 4 days after the 2nd dose of Pfizer. The following week she cannot open her left eye. I referred her to a neurologist. MRI did not show stroke or aneurysm.

2 other patients with stable stage 1 cancer, developed progression of their disease after the second dose of the vaccines within days.. COINCIDENCE? I don’t think so. We need to look closer into this. We just can’t ignore the side effects. “FIRST DO NO HARM”. I have 100% success with either HCQ or Ivermectin. Treat early!!!

Dr. Erich Glenn Acebedo

I am a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse with 41 years experience, and the elected coroner for my county. Since Covid vaccinations began this year, I have seen 16 post Covid vaccine deaths, some immediate, and 2 complete cardiovascular collapse after the second injection (Moderna). They had immediate third spacing, became cyanotic, and it was impossible to obtain post-mortem blood samples due to highly clotted blood, even pericardial. One patient who received her first injection of Moderna in the pharmacy had an immediate allergic reaction, followed by a myocardial infarction that week. A stent was placed, and clotted off 2 days after discharge while she was on her way home. I have diligently reported all to the FDA, and pray that these vaccines do NOT get approved. 

Marie Lasater

Is anyone hearing of stories of blood clots months after getting Pfizer covid shot?…I’m a pharmacist

Amy Muiznieks

Yes. Many

Dr. cammy benton


I am a physician from India and I have seen many prominent people die after taking the jab (either due to Covid19 infection or blood clots/heart attacks). And the prompt and strong reaction from media and health authorities who tow the line of CDC is bothersome. Doctors and scientists should have critical thinking and should be able to question things and think rationally. But instead this time I see a total blind faith and utter obedience on part of doctors and scientists against all signs and proofs. This is not good for science itself.

Dr. K. K. Agarwal, one of India’s top cardiologist, died after taking jabs.

South India actor Vivek and Bollywood music composer Ram Laxman died with heart attack after taking the jabs.

Hope health authorities look at this objectively and do the necessary investigations immediately.

Dr Zaheer Ahmed

Extremely concerned and very worried about the devastating effects on human beings and families.

Adri Mellet
Dr Peter McCollough See here

June 12, 2021, Multiple medical authorities have called for termination of the COVID-19 mass vaccination program due to safety concerns and the lack of independent critical event, data safety monitoring, and human ethics committees:

1)  Bruno et al, 57 authors from 17 countries indicate the program should be halted unless safety mechanisms are immediately installed and risk mitigation initiated.

2)  Lawrie et al, Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy calls upon the MHRA to terminate the COVID-19 vaccination program “vaccines not safe for human use”.

3)  McCullough PA, calls for halt of vaccination of < 30 year olds for no clinical benefit and safety concerns.

4)  Wastila, et al, letter to FDA calling for non-approval of COVID-19 vaccines based on safety concerns.

Based on VAERS as of May 28, 2021, there were 5,165 deaths reported and over 17,619 hospitalizations reported. By comparison, from July 1, 1997, until December 31, 2013, VAERS received 666 adult death reports for all vaccines.[1]

[1]Pedro L. Moro, Jorge Arana, Mria Cano, Paige Lewis, and Tom T. Shimabukuro, Deaths Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, 1997-2013, VACCINES, CID 2015:61 (September 2015).

Dr. Peter McCullough

A nursing student of mine was off sick a few weeks ago, his fellow students telling me that he had the AZ and was really sick. When he finally returned to uni, he looked dreadful. He told me that shortly after having the jab he couldn’t walk properly, his legs were going into spasms and he couldn’t stop vomiting, he ended up being admitted to hospital. At the beginning of this year he’d had pathology taken to prove that the vaccines that he had to take prior to starting his health care career had been effective in creating antigens, such as the pertussis and measles vaccines. The results of this pathology showed he had antigens. They took more pathology prior to him being discharged from hospital, all his antigens had been wiped out! Zippo. Now no immunity to anything! He said that the TGA has been in touch with him, and still are but have advised that caution is required as to date they can’t be sure that there is any correlation between what has happened to him and having the AZ vaccine.7

Kez J

Family medicine 40 years

Canada is allowing 12 year old children to make a decision about whether to take an experimental gene therapy, that has not been fully evaluated with regards to long term safety, without parental consent and then being ‘rewarded’ with an ice cream cone: in my opinion this shows we have lost our moral compass as a society.  Full stop. Period.

Medical professionals that partake in this should remember the lessons of history at Nuremberg.

I am retiring earlier than I had planned and feel a deep despair in my heart at the direction medicine has been taken.  The poet/’prophet’ Leonard Cohen sums it up for me

“….can’t run no more with this lawless crowd…while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud….ring the bells that still can ring….”

Stay strong brothers and sisters.

Dr. Francesco Anello

An MD friend of mine reported of a younger woman close to her had the 2 doses of vaccines and within a month had “diffuse DVT and some internal bleeding” but it was blamed on OCP’s she was on for years. Not reported to VAERS. 

Another MD of mine had a patient that took the vaccine and was in the hospital 24 hours later with abdominal and really elevated liver function tests which was blamed on a homeopathic “vaccine remedy” and of course not reported to VAERS.

An RN patient of mine who works in a local large city CCU and for the last couple months, nearly half of the patients in the CCU at any given time were patients who had recieved the COVID vaccine within 24 hours of admission.  She says the doctors refused to connect and got mad at her when she suggested it.

With all this denial about reactions, it makes it harder to trust us.

I realize it may or may not be a thing but for the first time in my life except maybe in my postpartum period, I am on my 14th day of my period 2 weeks after the last one, right after I had my first prolonged exposure to 3 people who were just vaccinated.  Since I keep hearing similar stories, it makes me wonder.  I know correlation doesn’t equal causation but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the cause either.

It is experimental while doctors are successfully using ivermectin and HCQ across the country but being pushed like the studies and all safety is already known and it isn’t

Dr cammy benton

As a RN since 1993, I am severely concerned by the lack of review of widely available objective evidence and data demonstrating severe problems with the Covid-19 testing program and vaccine safety issues by fellow health professionals.

The central point, Covid-19 vaccination is not necessary. The WHO & CDC have documented that Covid-19 attributed infection has a morbidity rate no greater than the seasonal flu and the majority of ‘cases’ present asymptomatically. This is NOT due to asymptomatic transmission or silent spreaders, but a simple test protocol recommendation error. Overamplification of test sample material was responsible for up to 90% false positives in three states in studies that corrected for this error in July 2020. Tests are STILL run at Cycle Threshold rates that produce majority false positives by default. This indicates faulty testing and not infections have been the primary driver of cases. Why is the medical community not speaking about this and why do we continue to administer unnecessary testing that has shown to have been the core driver of positive cases? Efforts to educate leadership about extensively documented issues fall on deaf ears.

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. – The New York Times (

R Lusignan

Additionally, peer review has deemed the central test for diagnosis of Sars CoV2, useless for the purpose per International Consortium review of the science of which the testing is based. Courts are ruling against its use in other countries and we continue to implement the testing as if it is a reliable and accurate method to ascertain diagnosis of disease when the evidence clearly shows it is not.

mRNA new technology was allowed to bypass safety trial with designation as a vaccination even though these are technically not vaccines but rather gene line editing drugs which could not get through normal safety trials. Moderna mRNA therapies were dead in the water in 2017.

Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to reinvent medicine (

R Lusignan

Full petition with all documentation for above information may be found here.

The level of injury and side effects indicate this needs to be immediately stopped. When is the health professional community going to find our voice?

R Lusignan

I am an RN. Against my better judgment, I decided to get the J&J on April 12th, because I have an autoimmune disorder (psoriatic arthritis) a TAA, and a CTD. I am also a new grandma and have a mom and mother-in-law in their 90s that I wanted to be around. For almost 2 months, my ears feel like I am under water. And i have been having symptoms. I have ear aches, but mainly on the left side. I have hyperacusis on the left too. It can be very painful. A week after the jab, I had a spot of blood from my left ear, and fluid out of my right. Then head cold symptoms. 5 and 6 days later I COVID tested. Negative, Rapid and PCR. I was put on Azithromycin for 5 days, then antibiotic ear drops with HC for a week, then steroids for a week. I tried 3 different antihistamines though I have no environmental allergies but that didn’t help either. I also have persistent daily headaches, brain fog, and my balance is off. CT scan was okay. So I saw an ENT and my ears looked okay. Hearing and fluid tests were good too. Though the audiologist had to turn the left side volume down because it was too loud. MRI scan on a 1.5 Tesla machine two days ago was “normal”. ENT says it may be vestibular migraines and to see a neurologist. I am 59, and hadn’t had an ear infection or any ear problems for about 50 years, with the exception of occasional tinnitus. I called J&J and they said (weeks ago) that there hadn’t been any ear infections reported, but I am hearing of many people having similar issues now that I am reading more on social media. The frustrating part is that friends and family say that any adverse reactions people have are just coincidental and can’t be proven. They even said that after I said a friend’s mom is going blind and her doctor said it was from something in the vaccine. And my gastroenterologist also said that she had several patients have heart attacks and strokes directly after their jabs.

Cheryl Grimes

Yes. I work in the ICU and we see several young healthy patients being admitted for heart attack or stroke recently after few days to weeks from the vaccination. Many of them need to be placed on trach and PEG for long term care recovery. I was told our local area are running out of long term care beds. We need to send those patients away to any open beds in other cities. It is very tough for their loved ones going to visit or see them in a distant area. The cardiologists also told us they are seeing more cardiac arrest since March. I am not sure if that’s related. In fact, many physicians don’t ask for CoVid vaccine status in their HPI or progress note. We have to ask the patients or family to find out the vaccine status. Unfortunately, many providers are not alert for checking any potential vaccine related adverse event

suephin lau

I have had an increase in patients coming to me for help with sleep disorders, constant low mood, nightmares, severe PTS, anxiety, brain fog, loss of concentration, cluster headaches, general muscle pain ranging in severity, loss of muscle strength, numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers, feet, loss of vitality, malaise, and other neurological symptoms after having the vaccine.

Some are aware it is a side effect of the vaccine others are not.

What I have noticed is the symptoms they report to me like many of the symptoms reported in the comments of this article are consistent with fibromyalgia. I am wondering if the vaccine is inadvertently causing fibromyalgia. Like a previous vaccine gave rise to narcolepsy in some people this vaccine may be having an adverse effect on the neurological system.

Neurological research trials into a correlation between the vaccine and fibromyalgia to assess if there is any causal relationship may be of great use. After all the vaccine is in a trial phase and effects being monitored so all medical findings will help it’s progress.

B Readett Therapist

I had my first Moderna vaccine in January and the second in February. Within 2 hours of my first vaccine my bp dropped to 78/43, I was extremely fatigued, bradycardic, massive headache and just felt awful. My Bp came up to the low 80s/40s taking midodrine BID, but it took several days before it was back within normal limits. Then I had extremely severe joint pain. And about a week later I started having an extremely heavy period with severe pain and large clotting. I was bleeding so heavily urgent care sent me to the ER and I was admitted. Half the docs questioned if what was going on could be related to the vaccine and the other said definitely not. Some providers said to get the second and the others said they weren’t sure and I should maybe wait. I did get the second shot and things weren’t as bad after, but I did run a fever of 104.2 for almost 5 days and that was with me taking NSAIDS (I’m allergic to tylenol).

Since the shot I have continued to have abnormal menstrual bleeding. It lasts about a week- 1.5 weeks and is still very heavy/painful. I am lucky to get a full 2 weeks before it starts again. My fatigue has been worse than ever. I am suddenly showing hyperdynamic left and right ventricular systolic function and my EF has actually risen to more than 75 (before it was on lower end of normal due to an atrial septal defect). My echos in the past have always showed no change and have been super stable. I have developed a new type of heart palpitations. When I was admitted they said I had developed long QT syndrome and an irregular heart rate. I have also developed hydronephrosis since the injections as well. Within a 2 month period my orthopedic said I had a very alarming amount of degeneration in my osteoarthritis. I am 30 and now need a patellofemoral knee replacement which no one will even consider doing even though I have severe bone deformity now as a result of the arthritis. 2 months prior to the last x-ray it was only considered moderate arthritis. My Gastroparesis according to a recent gastric emptying study has also significantly worsened.

It has now been almost 5 months since my vaccines and I still feel awful everyday. No one will listen because all the docs are convinced that there are no long lasting effects from the vaccine, but in all honesty how can my health take this drastic of a nose dive so quick and all starting within days of the vaccine.

I have been tested numerous times for COVID and they have all been negative. Because I have an IgG deficiency/asthma and can no longer receive IVIG due to anaphylactic reactions to it my doc has me tested whenever I am not feeling well since I work in the inpatient setting.

lj wis

There are others on that site questioning the authenticity of these reports, saying that anyone could register and comment. That may be the case, but the reports seem very authentic. For sure Dr Peter McCullough is the real deal.

You be the judge.

By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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