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Australia: Regulator Bans Ivermectin Use As COVID-19 Treatment

Australia’s medicine and therapeutics regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has introduced new restrictions on the prescribing of ivermectin for COVID-19 and other off-label use.

The TGA, an agency under Australia’s Commonwealth government Department of Health, announced that the changes were introduced “because of concerns with the prescribing of oral ivermectin for the claimed prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

This move is equal parts idiotic and deadly. The TGA has banned doctors from prescribing ivermectin to their patients as a preventative or treatment for the Wuhan virus (COVID-19). We should resist this move by phoning the TGA on 1800 020 653 to demand they reverse their decision to ban doctors from prescribing ivermectin off-label.

The Leftists and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have demonised ivermectin as dangerous horse medicine and it looks like it has worked, at least when it comes to the bureaucratic boffins at the TGA. But the following key facts on ivermectin put a lie to claims it is dangerous or only for animals:

For those who do not wish to take a rushed vaccine that is only provisionally approved by the TGA (a process which “allows for temporary registration of promising new medicines and vaccines where the need for early access outweighs the risks”), ivermectin was the option for treatment. Now this option has been taken away from us.

Why? Well, the TGA gave the game away themselves when they stated that the primary reason for their decision was because they believed:

“there are a number of significant public health risks associated with taking ivermectin in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 infection rather than getting vaccinated. Individuals who believe that they are protected from infection by taking ivermectin may choose not to get tested or to seek medical care if they experience symptoms. Doing so has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community.”

In other words, they want to force people to take the vaxxine. I mean, really, you could suggest that vaccinated individuals “may choose not to get tested or seek medical care if they experience symptoms” and that this “has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community.” Are the TGA going to ban the vaxxines then? I don’t think so!

The decision to ban ivermectin can’t go unchallenged. The TGA are a government agency and are therefore beholden to the people.

That’s why you must phone the Therapeutic Goods Administration on 1800 020 653 and demand they rescind their decision to ban doctors from prescribing ivermectin off-label. If you can’t get through or they don’t listen to you, ring them again. This is important.

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.