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Perth Hospital Staff Are Just Like the Nazis: “Show Me Your Vaxx Pass”! Prelude to the Mark of the Beast!

Me wearing the useless face shield the hospital gave me

On Monday 9th May my wife tripped on the back patio at our house and broke her femur. She fell hard onto the concrete floor and could not move. She felt her leg break and could not move it. If she tried to move she felt excruciating pain. I immediately called an ambulance, which, from past experiences with our daughter, usually arrive in 15 to 20 minutes. But not this time.

I would call back the triple 000 number (not 911 in Australia) every hour but they just told us to wait. Well, the ambulance did eventually arrive 4 hours 20 minutes after I made the initial call.

The paramedic told us when he arrived that most of the calls he had before coming to us were from people who thought they had COVID but didn’t need an ambulance. But my wife did need an ambulance. As it turned out the ambulance company was getting 40 calls per hour that day, the busiest day in its history as Western Australian COVID cases hit 10,000 new cases that day. No wonder the ambulance couldn’t get to a person in real need. Many ambulances (25%) were “ramped” that day also. That means they were waiting with patients to be unloaded in the hospital driveways. More COVID insanity.

Christina was taken to a certain big hospital with an orthopedic specialty as the paramedics suspected a broken femur or hip fracture. I drove down to the hospital and was told to get into Emergency (E & A here, or ER in the US) I needed to be triaged for COVID. How ridiculous! I had no symptoms of any communicable disease.

Firstly they asked me to wear a mask, but I said I have a medical exemption. I showed that to them which sent the nurse off to her superior who called someone but eventually they accepted that and just asked me to wear a face shield, which was not big impediment to my breathing. See image above.

Then the triage nurse asked me a series of questions all about whether I have been sick or had COVID in the last 14 days etc. I said NO to all. I think if you answer any as a YES they want you to do a RAT test. I am no RAT and was not going to do a RAT test, which are highly spurious in outcomes.

I found out later that the paramedic told Christina to do a PCR test as it would facilitate faster entry to the Emergency dept. She tested negative, thanks God. Those tests give about 97% false positives.

But the whole hospital was operating like a war zone, all over the mildest common cold or flu you could imagine. I know because I have had it.

They had desks set up at each public entrance where you are to “show me your papers” before entry. They have a big sign set up there which states that no unvaxxed visitors are allowed in.

So when it came time for the triage nurse to ask me for my papers, I said I don’t have a vaxx pass. She looked like that that did not compute. And then said ok, no problem. She issued me with a wrist band with the word “approved” on it and then wrote on it also “no vax” and “mask exempt”. That allowed me to go in freely with no vax, no test and no mask. What a miracle!

But it took me about 2 hours to eventually find Christina in Emergency. Such was the ineptitude of the hospital system.

Eventually Christina was taken up to the orthopedic ward after assessment with a spiral break in her femur. She was immediately scheduled for surgery the next morning, but that did not happen until early afternoon the next day. It was over three hours long, indicating the severity of the damage.

One small miracle of God happened in that ward. In the bed next to Christina was Eva, with a suspected neck injury. As I was praying for Christina, Eva came over and asked if she could pray for her also. As it turned Eva was a red-pilled follower of the Lord Jesus Christ also.

Before I left that evening I gave Eva my name card. So the next morning when I got there, her fiance was there and they had read some of my articles on this site, and were very encouraging to Christina. they are both unvaxxed and have attended freedom rallies. The two of them have been prayer warriors for Christina as we have also prayed for Eva. Thank the Lord she did not have a neck fracture and was sent home.

I was able to get into the hospital the next morning because I showed my “approved” wrist band from the day before. This seem to mean I was approved that day also. The following day I went in via the other main entrance and was checked through because one guy (read ‘nazi’) had remembered me and told the woman checking me in that he approved me the day before.

On the 4th day I tried the same entrance but there was no way they were going to let me in. They told me unvaxxed can only go in if the ward manager approves. The COVID nazi on the desk told me that the message from the word was that there were many red card (meaning respiratory cases) on the word already and I couldn’t go up. By respiratory I assume COVID and they were looking out to protect me, even though I didn’t care at all. I am 70 and in good health and had COVID and I class it no worse than a mild flu. (I still like the snake venom explanation so I am open on the idea that it is even any sort of virus-caused disease.)

On the 5th day I tried something different. I noticed some people who had gone out just flashed their wrist band and were waved back in. So I took my wrist band from a previous day when I got in and put that on. Put on the face shield and walked pass the main entrance COVID nazis, about half way through the visiting hours. I said I am coming back in, as if I had coming in earlier, was checked in and then went out for some supplies. That worked they waved me through. Deceivers yet true (2 Corinthians 6:8).

The next morning was Saturday. I tried that again. I arrived late in the visiting hours and attempted to pass through the main entrance. The nazis waved me through but the security guard stopped me for not having a mask on. I said I had a mask exemption, and put on my face shield. But then he said I had to check through again. And the ward manager would not let me up there. Well, that s what the nazi told me.

I was curious that they always asked everyone for their death-shot pass and if they have had COVID in the past 14 days. So I asked the nazi who was processing me about that. She said that the vaxx does not stop transmission but lessens the disease. I asked how do you know that that is true. She said that they are “following the science”. More lies!

I have read the science and the so-called vaxxines do nothing to lessen the disease or stop the spread. In fact, they enhance the disease. That is well know as pathogenic priming. The toxic spike protein in the death shots enhances the susceptibility for the disease via the mechanism of non-neutralising antibodies attaching to the spike protein and chaperoning them into the cells.

I knew by this time I had to find a way into see my wife and bring her vital supplies like organic grass fed beef liver to boost her hemoglobin and blood pressure as they were dangerously low.

So I went to a staff entrance I knew, which could only be accessed by staff key card. I stood there and soon two orderlies arrived with boxes. They asked if I wanted to go in. I said I did and they opened the door for me to go in ahead of them. They only asked about the face mask, which I told them I had a medical exemption. No worries!

For the last three days I have found another way in without anyone needed, no checks, no nothing. The COVID nazis are not fool-proof.

Those on the desks seem to be totally brainwashed into beliving that they are somehow saving the patients by not letting an unvaxxed visitor in but also saving the unvaxxed visitors by not allowing them contact with with the patients who have COVID in the wards. Can’thave it both ways. But logic does not apply anymore.

Can I please ask you to remember Christina in your prayers. They have asked her to take blood, which could be contaminated, but so far she has been able to delay that while she rebuilds her own blood, raising her hemoglobin and blood pressure. But she is not out of the woods yet. When she stands to do urgently needed physiotherapy her bp drops suddenly and she has to lie down. Please prayer for a rapid raising of her bp and heme iron in her blood and for stable pressure.

The way these COVID nazis act is despicable, with no compassion or love for those whose loved ones are in the hospital. Unvaxxed status is a second-class status. You are treated like lepers.

The nazis seem to have been raised on their smartphones and Twitter and Facebook. The men are not men. No testicules! They are soy boys, who will do anything they are ordered to do. No compassion! No love of the truth! They have got to be able to see what is happening but they choose to believe the false narrative of MSM and the fascist WEF supporting governments. This is all leading to the mark of the beast.

(Due to the need for me to do most everything now at home, this blog may suffer for awhile. But just because I don’t post don’t assume the worst. I am also doing a lot more prepping and that takes a lot of my time.)

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

15 replies on “Perth Hospital Staff Are Just Like the Nazis: “Show Me Your Vaxx Pass”! Prelude to the Mark of the Beast!”

Does any of this surprise us? I think you would have guessed after the 4+hours wait … for an ambulance!!!!, how things were going to go. After all, in their minds, there is a war going on. What a saga. And the worrying thing is, it’s not going to go away but soon to get worse (after all, Bill Gates has been warning us about this … and he should know!!!). Will be praying for Christina’s speady recovery, Gideon!

PS South Australia is about to pass a bill, like the extreme emergency powers Victoria has, thanks to Dan Andrews, which allows god-like powers to the state’s health minister. There are hefty fines of up to $20,000 and two years in prison for individuals ($70,000 for businesses) for not obeying a covid directive (eg breaches regarding wearing face mask, quarantining, vax pass, etc) by any of the patrolling ‘brown shirts’ (state quasi “police – health officers”). Even a sensible amendment, like the one proposed by our newly elected One Nation upper house MP, Sarah Game, that would have allowed detainees (who had breached a Covid directive) the right to make a simple phone call … to a family member or friend or even seeking mental health assistance, etc, was voted against. And figure this one out: one of the two SA Greens MP said he was voting against the proposed amendment … why? Because, “[he] has looked at One Nation’s anti vax policies and the Greens don’t align themselves with this.” Now, that’s a super logical and great way to make laws, isn’t it? Not!


Both my wife & I are Praying for Christina’s healing and for our Lord Jesus Christ to give you the will and strength to do what needs doing at home, I also Pray He guides you through the medical system maze.

In Jesus Christ Name.


Dear Dr. Hartnett, Just a note to say that I prayed for Christina and you this AM

Also, it was your “Starlight and Time” video from CMI that helped me and my brother, Paul Gerhardt (who travelled to Israel with you a few years ago) in our YEC search and study. I think it marked a turning point in his spiritual life. Although neither one of us has a clear understanding of light travel time–several models out there that we are unable to fully understand and verify–we understand what we read in Gen. 1 and believe it by God’s grace.

We were raised YEC (Lutheran Church MO synod) but the leadership of our current denomination, the PCA, has not held to that course. So we are praying and disseminating YEC info to our churches, hoping that God will bring reformation and revival.

May God give you both the desires of your hearts, and His peace which passes all understanding. Phyllis Dawson St. Louis, MO


It’s so gross they way these medical people are behaving and it’s so terrifying to have no choice but depend on them. I feel so bad for Christina. She must have been terrified to go into that place. Will keep her in my prayers. Those Nazis “guarding” the entrance from perfectly healthy visitors are assholes. Try bribing them if you can’t get through. Money works like a charm with low lifes like that. A fresh crisp $50 bill and they’ll fold like a cheap tent. lol@following the science. We’re just supposed to take these atheistic clowns on faith.


People seem only too eager to follow the rules, no matter how absurd, and ensure that everyone else follows them too. If our health bureaucrats told us Covid existed two metres above the ground, and we would be kept safe by crawling on our hands and knees, how many people do you think would follow?


Sorry to hear your wife Christina has suffered a fractured femur. Rehabilitation is not easy. Nevertheless, thank God that she was able to get the appropriate treatment. Surgeons are a Godsend, even if this cannot be said for other branches of the pharmaceutical/medical industry.

Puzzled that you are of the belief that you had Covid. I have yet to find out where the Covid virus was actually isolated, so that it could distinguished as a literal separate entity capable of causing illness. The symptoms assigned to Covid are no different to influenza, which has all but disappeared. In the USA, influenza went from 38 million cases (2019-2020) down to about 2000 cases (2020-2021). Australian figures recorded a massive drop in influenza and an attribution to Covid too.

Moreover, my research has turned up no clinical evidence of influenza being a contagious entity, and polio still exists–except that various aspects of the condition has had name changes. On the contrary, trials have shown influenza to be untransmissible. The overall evidence indicates environmental pollutants, heavy metals and other toxins (including vaccinations) being the primary cause of disease in humans. Once environmental pollutants and toxins (including the injected) have been eradicated, clean water, sanitation and sufficient nutrition enable people to live healthily into their 80s and 90s. A fact I have observed on numerous graveyard headstones, dating back into the 1800s, found within farming communities and the goldfields in Victoria.

May all go well and Christina have a speedy rehabilitation.

God bless you, Gideon.


I agree with you, though I do believe in a hybrid germ/terrain theory mix.

I suppose I should have put the word in air quotes “covid”, because I mean I got the flu or whatever it was that was going around and everyone is calling it covid. Of course I didn’t test for anything.


Did you hear about that horrible outbreak of “covid” in the Amish community? Neither did I. The Amish have zero vaccinations.


I believe these. godless statists have turned their back on creation and the creator, and that is why I left Australia. It warms my heart that there are many good.folk.still remaining and truth, sending a prayer for.your.wife’s recovery.


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