That shouldn’t be there!

This is Genesis Week, episode 5 season 4 with Ian Juby aka Wazooloo

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2 thoughts on “That shouldn’t be there!

  1. I watched the video of your visit with Ian Juby. You made a comment that you thought we were looking back at the creation week when we look at the night sky. If I heard right then mankind has been looking back at one day (day 4) or one week of creation for 6 thousand years now. Is this due to Time Dilation?

    I’m no scientist but I thank God often for your service to Him in this way. You are very knowledgeable while at the same time have the gift of explaining things so even I can understand…. much of it.

    My brother is a diehard theistic evolutionist, but he is also very interested in what you have to say. I’ve been trying to point out the truth of the opening chapters of Genesis to him for several years now. You are one of the few Creation scientists that he will listen to or watch on DVD. Thank you for your service to our great God and Savior.


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