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Overcoming demons through Jesus’ Name

Kyle’s testimony of his salvation and overcoming fear from demons at night through the power of Jesus’ Name.

Kyle PellerinI was born and raised in a Christian family, as a young child the idea of heaven and the life after death was a great fantasy I wished would be fulfilled. Although my parents were never forceful of attending Church nor reading the Bible, I fully was convinced that Jesus and God was real. Although later in life, this idea was only reassured as the only possibility. In my life I’ve experience a lot of spiritual warfare but it’s only brought myself closer to Jesus.

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve been able to sense if something is with me or close to me in the current room. It’s difficult to describe, although this feeling is associated with fear and that someone is watching you. When I was young, this feeling scared me. I would only get it when I was alone and when I didn’t feel safe. Now, I’ve come to realise this feeling was me sensing the presence of a demon.

The first time I experienced something it was definitely out of the blue during 2007, when I was about 10 years old. In short, I left my room at night to go to the toilet. When I came out of the toilet, I had a look outside and saw a completely pitch-black figure standing there.

I thought I was a Christian then. I thought it didn’t matter that I didn’t go to church nor did I think it mattered that I hadn’t read the Bible. In 2012, when I was 14, I experienced depression, and I can say that year has been the worst year of my life so far. It has been difficult, but what made it worse was that I felt like I was being attacked. I was being tormented by a demon. How did I know?

I had recurring nightmares that I was stuck in my house in pitch-black darkness. I felt powerless in those dreams where I couldn’t turn on any lights. But if I managed to get one on, it would be extremely dim and slowly fade away until I was in darkness again. During those dreams I could feel the presence of the demon and the fear that accompanied it. Normally those dreams ended with me facing some sort of evil spirit. I normally woke up in cold sweat, they occurred frequently.

Secondly, I saw black figures a couple of times. These figures were as dark as dark can get. Once it was in the middle of the night and I saw one lurking at the end of my bed, even though my room was near pitch black. A defined line of darkness carried around the figure, it was like there was a void of any light. So dark, it was defined in darkness itself.

I have reason to believe the same demons bothered my brother when he was much younger. He wouldn’t remember, but one night I was awoken by his cry. During this time, his room was across from mine. Because I was nice, I told him to go to sleep. Though he didn’t. I then watched a dark figure walk from his room into mine, then finished by standing next to my bed. I assumed it was him, but as I got up to turn on the light it disappeared…

Several other minor but fearful incidents occurred, once I heard the breath and voice of the demon. It spoke in a demonic language I’ve never heard before. Several times I’ve felt paralysed unable to move. Even felt the forceful grip around my head. I was afraid truly. I was afraid to even use Jesus’ Name to send these demons away. This scared me because what if it did nothing? And what if it just made them angrier? Though I considered myself Christian so I fought back.

Later on during the insanity of the devilish attacks, I arrived home by myself. No one else was present in the house. As I came into the kitchen I placed my book on the counter, an inch or two from the edge. I also removed my shoes right there and went into my room. I heard a smack and I thought it was my book, considering I placed so carelessly. Though when I looked in the kitchen my book was where I left it, but instead my shoes had been thrown across the room… I was scared.

I felt so much fear and I was so shocked. What should I do? I had enough and I remembered what my Aunt Katharine told me “Sometimes, God sends challenges to test our faith.” So, with everything I had, I told that demon I was a child of God, and I was saved by Jesus and belong only to Jesus. I continued by telling that evil spirit to leave and to never return. I finished it up by saying Jesus’ Name. After this, the attacks stopped.

But the battle hadn’t stopped completely. Every now and again I can feel the evil presence in my dreams, though swiftly I tell the presence to leave and it does. Jesus’ Name alone is so powerful that these demons fear it so greatly. Although these demons wanted to make me fear them, I don’t. Just through saying Jesus’ Name I have enough power to command them away.

Though my journey didn’t stop there. After that battle I still wasn’t attending any church and nor did I really consider that much of getting to know God. Yes I knew Jesus was real and the Devil was real, but I just didn’t really show it. I didn’t pray that much and I didn’t know God. Until later…

After 2012 I started to grow more confident and have a better life and I really grew over my struggle with depression. 2013 was pretty mellow and nothing significant occurred with my spiritual journey with Jesus. That only lasted until the start of 2014 and it was with the pressure of Year 11 that things got interesting.

The first two weeks of Year 11 I studied about 3 hours a day. I wanted to do well and achieve great results. I started to become stressed about school and I had never felt that much workload so soon. It was scary. After that first two weeks during my physics class I experienced what I can only describe as Derealisation Disorder. Although no one can explain what I was going through, (or still am going through on occasions) I believed it was Derealisation. What occurred was this sense of altered perception like I wasn’t real, like I was just a spectator in this world. When this occurred I found it difficult to concentrate on things. This at the time scared me, and I freaked out a little that day. Although I kept calm about it during the physics class and it slightly went away.

Doing research later on I discovered it’s a type of anxiety and I found each time this occurred I felt paranoid, which was a main symptom. Although this occurred, I was worried and I became paranoid. I felt cursed and didn’t know why this would happen to me. It left me with no concentration because all I could think about was this disorder. That left me doing little study every day less than an hour. Soon it was less than 15 minutes. It was painful and I was fearful this would last for years and this would be my new life. This is when I started pray again…

During early April 2014 I prayed for a solid week or two, each night crying my heart out to God to take this curse away. I was so afraid, I really didn’t want this to be my new life. Each night after I prayed I wondered if I could wake up without the unreal sensation that occurred. Never did this happen. So one week I pushed it aside and I didn’t pray, I didn’t let it bother me and I had a good week. Though one night God answered my prayer.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I have no idea why I awoke; I just did. The room was pitch black, I could barely see a thing and I was very tired. As I sat up in my bed, I felt this sensation of love, compassion and this feeling was so overwhelming. I cannot properly describe this feeling. No words can describe to you how good and glorious this feeling was. It’s like seeing a new colour and attempting to describe that colour. It’s impossible.

As I felt this feeling, I was so overwhelmed but so happy. I said repeatedly “You’re here! You’re here! You’re actually really here!” I knew Jesus was there. Jesus didn’t need to announce His arrival; I knew He was there. Oh how wonderful His love is, whatever I felt, it was the love He has for us. It’s overwhelming beautiful, so beautiful that as I felt His presence, I cried tears of joy. I became so emotional that I couldn’t control the tears that ran down my face. As I cried, I held my arms out for a hug and a second later I felt the comfort and warm of Jesus. He hugged me and I cried hugging him.

My memories slowly drifted after hugging him and that’s all I remember. Although it was more than anything I could ever ask for. I was shown how powerful His love is and how much He loves us. The Holy Spirit that we feel is only a fraction of the love He has for us. How much of a fraction? If the Holy Spirit were one part then the feeling of Jesus’ love would extend beyond 1 billion parts. It’s far greater than you could ever imagine.

After that though, it was a slow journey. After experiencing that, I shamefully did not start praying frequently and going to church. Though I started to search for God, I started to look for ways to get to know God and for God to get to know me. I watched many hours of various testimonies from people, many were those of people who’ve died and came back to life.

Months later, I started to pray often and sin much less. I forgave everyone and was careful neither to sin nor to hurt anyone. I become a much more kind person and found a new joy with God. I now am church hopping and trying to find somewhere I can settle down in. I feel God’s presence often now and I connect with the joy of Christian songs. I owe everything to God and I am thankful to be in his presence, I am thankful for His forgiveness and I am thankful for His love.

I know God is real and my relationship with Him is growing. I only wish that people could experience my life and events to fully understand that both the Devil and God exist, and to understand that God is so much more powerful than the Devil ever will be. Amen!

Kyle Pellerin

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By John Gideon Hartnett

Dr John G. Hartnett is an Australian physicist and cosmologist, and a Christian with a biblical creationist worldview. He received a B.Sc. (Hons) and Ph.D. (with distinction) in Physics from The University of Western Australia, W.A., Australia. He was an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) fellow at the University of Adelaide, with rank of Associate Professor. Now he is retired. He has published more than 200 papers in scientific journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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